Want A Magical Date? Here's The Perfect Outfit For You - According To Your Zodiac Sign

Want A Magical Date? Here's The Perfect Outfit For You - According To Your Zodiac Sign

We live in a world where there are more dating apps on our phone than missed calls from our mother. Every day someone is getting right swiped. Every day two people are meeting for a first date. And with this, comes the struggle of dressing up for one. We did some research for you and found out the perfect outfit that you should wear to your date according to your zodiac sign. Here you go.

1. Aries

1 date night outfit - SHEIN Sweetheart Neck Frilled Smock Cami Dress

You love red! You might not pick an outfit that is entirely red but a dash here and there or a bold red lipstick is totally your scene. You love flattering clothes that show off your figure yet give you the ease of movement because all you Mars-ruled people are super restless. Here's an edgy little dress for your date night. Pair it with slim heels and a cute sling bag.

POPxo recommends: Sweetheart Neck Frilled Smock Cami Dress (Rs 950) by Shein.

2. Taurus

2 date night outfits - all about you from Deepika Padukone Women Taupe Styled Back Top

You love anything and everything in big measures. Taurus-born people are earthy and practical and like calming colours such as pinks and whites. You're a fan of feminine silhouettes so lace detailing would be perfect for you. Wear this stylish dusty pink top with high-waisted trousers and block heels for a chic look.

POPxo recommends: Taupe Styled Back Top (Rs 1,499) by All About You.

3. Gemini

3 date night outfit - Heart Lace Bralette Forever 21

You’re usually attracted to the colour green - the colour of growth - along with blacks and blues. Gemini-born people like outfits that serve two purposes and that bring the best of both worlds. Hence, a sexy bralette with a pantsuit is what you should go for.

POPxo recommends: Heart Lace Bralette (Rs 699) by Forever 21.

4. Cancer

4 date night outfit - MANGO Green   White Polka Dot Print Accordian Pleat Maxi Skirt

People born under this sign love blues and whites - anything that reminds them of the ocean. Ruled by the Moon, the witty Cancerian like you also loves free-flowing silhouettes. You don't like to go overboard because you believe nothing is more attractive than simplicity. And that's why this pretty skirt has your name written all over it. Pair it with a pretty white top.

POPxo recommends: Green & White Polka Dot Accordion Pleat Midi Skirt (Rs 2,470) by Mango.

5. Leo

5 date night outfit - PRINTED PLEATED JUMPSUIT DRESS zara

The Sun-ruled sign loves anything that can help them stand out. That means you’re attracted to all things rich and OTT. Pastel shades and solid colours are too dull for your 'big' personality, so you tend to opt for bold prints more often. This jumpsuit dress, fresh from Zara's new collection, will be just perfect for you. Heeled boots would look good with this.

POPxo recommends: Printed Pleated Jumpsuit Dress (Rs 3,490) by Zara.

6. Virgo

6 date night outfit - MOCHA VELVET PEG PANTS

Virgos are classy and do not blindly follow trends. You have a thing for classic pastel shades and earthy subdued colours such as browns, blacks and olive greens. Tailored clothes that fit you well and are not too tight or loose are the kinds you love. These velvet pants are very Virgo! Pair them with a solid top and block heels.

POPxo recommends: Mocha Velvet Peg Pants (Rs 1,345) by The Label Life.

7. Libra

7 date night outfit - Lace V-neck dress H M

Librans are balanced and have an impeccable sense of style. You tend to avoid an over-zealous mixture of colours and go for subtle tones and classic cuts instead. Librans don’t follow trends, they create them. We found the perfect dress for you that you and your date, both will love. Pair it with black heels and accessorise with a small black handbag.

POPxo recommends: White Lace V-neck Dress (2,999) by H&M.

8. Scorpio

8 date night outfit - OVS Black Bodysuit

Scorpios are attracted to dark colours. You tend to avoid pastels and neons because the former is too dull and the latter is too 'tacky' for you. Fickle trends do not affect your style very much. You have your own sense of style and you’re proud of it. Pair this sexy crop top with fitted beige pants and we guarantee you'll make the second date.

POPxo recommends: Black Bodysuit (Rs 1,699) by OVS.

9. Sagittarius

9 date night outfit - MAGRE Women Grey Checked Loose Fit Regular Shorts

Sagittarians are cheery people who are full of life. People born under this sign often hate anything that everybody else likes. Blues, reds and yellows appeal to you, and that's why this paperwaist shorts in grey would be just right for you. Pair it with a fitted top for a sexy top and platforms.

POPxo recommends: Grey Checked Loose Fit Regular Shorts (Rs 1,014) by Magre.

10. Capricorn

10 date night outfit - Athena Women Black   Off-White Striped Maxi Dress

Capricorns enjoy the candidness in things. Greys and blacks hold your attention while too much colour signifies instability for you, so you avoid it. You tend to go for monochrome outfits over multicoloured. So, what better than this black and white maxi dress for the big night, eh? Style it with hoops earrings and heels.

POPxo recommends: Black & Off-White Striped Maxi Dress (Rs 1,197) by Athena.

11. Aquarius


This air sign loves outlandish outfits that stand out and grab everyone’s attention. People born under this sign like metallic colours, electric neon shades and new patterns and cuts - something most other signs will shy away from. This (anything but basic) white shirt with metallic detailing is so you! Pair it with high-waisted bottoms and flat mules for your date.

POPxo recommends: Contrast Metallic Shirt (Rs 2,490) by Zara.

12. Pisces

12 date night outfit - SASSAFRAS Women Pink   Green Printed Pencil Skirt

Pisces-born people are calm and composed. Your sartorial choices are easy on the eyes since you prefer muted shades and tend to stay away from loud colours unless you're in the mood for them. If everyone wears an LBD, you'll wear a fluffy pink skirt because you like to be different. Here's a floral pencil skirt that you can pair with a crop top and heels. 

POPxo recommends: Pink & Green Printed Pencil Skirt (Rs 839) by Sassafras.

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