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Kareena Kapoor’s Vacay Bag Is Available For Rs 1,000... *What’re You Waiting For? Christmas?*

Kareena Kapoor’s Vacay Bag Is Available For Rs 1,000... *What’re You Waiting For? Christmas?*

When it comes to vacations, even Bollywood needs some time off to reconnect with friends and family. The last month seemed to have kickstarted some kind of series of vacations w.r.t Bollywood. And everyone's been going to the same place! The Maldives. First Rhea Kapoor, then Parineeti Chopra and now... The Kapoor Khans.

4 kareena bag

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena, and their little bundle of cuteness, Taimur were spotted at the airport looking like the handsome family they are.

While Saif and Taimur kept it very casual with t-shirts and track pants, Begum Bebo wore a white Indian fusion outfit with sneakers, a cool polka dotted jacket and... a very Instagrammable straw basket bag:

3 kareena bag

2 kareena bag

The bag was embroidered with the word 'Mrs' and is a certified must-have on beachy trips. The Bollywood actress carried the bag at the airport AND is also doing so at the Maldives.

1 kareena bag

While Kareena's straw bag is originally from Kayu Design Studio and costs over Rs 9,000, we found replacements for just under Rs 2,000, the most reasonable one priced at Rs 991. 

1 shein kareena bag

POPxo recommends: Letter Pattern Straw Tote Bag (Rs 991) by Shein

2 romwe kareena bag

POPxo recommends:Straw Tote Bag With Pom Pom (Rs 1,435) by Romwe

3 zara kareena bag

POPxo recommends:Tote Bag With Striped Straps (Rs 1,890) by Zara

So, 'what're you waiting for? Christmas?' 

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