Meet The 15-Yr-Old Indian Girl Who Impressed Katy Perry On American Idol

Meet The 15-Yr-Old Indian Girl Who Impressed Katy Perry On American Idol

Songstress Katy Perry and India seem to have some perplexing connection. Ex-Husband Russel Brand had proposed to Katy Perry in front of the Taj Mahal in 2009, they had their wedding ceremony in Ranthambore, Rajasthan in October 2010. Now while we know their marriage did not last long, however, we can say that Katy Perry's connection with India is still rock solid. 

In the most recent updates from American reality singing show, American Idol, a 15-year-old girl, of Indian-origin, named Alyssa Raghunandan has made Katy Perry a big fan of hers with her lovely voice. Alyssa, surely felt like she was on cloud nine when she got all praises from the judges of American Idol for her performance. 

alyssa 1

The judges started to love her from the minute she started to sing the song, Almost Is Never Enough By Ariana Grande. What made her day? Katy Perry at the end of every other judge's response gave her own, by saying that she is going to be in the Top 10 of the show. 

katy perry 1

"I full-body felt what you were singing, I am a believer in you. You’re top 10," said Perry.

Alyssa went on to say that it's been her father who has taken care of her and supported her singing career since her parents had a divorce. 

dad and alyssa

After her performance, Alyssa went backstage to her father who was clearly jumping with joy after hearing what the judges had to say about her performance. 

You can watch Alyssa's performance here:

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