#SoProud: 10 YO Girl Saves 16 Lives In Mumbai Fire By Using Her Presence Of Mind

#SoProud: 10 YO Girl Saves 16 Lives In Mumbai Fire By Using Her Presence Of Mind

A massive fire at a residential building, Crystal Tower, in Parel, Mumbai took lives of four people while injuring several others. However, the bravery and presence of mind of a 10-year-old girl, Zen Sadavarte, managed to save sixteen lives of those around her.

The little one was at home, sleeping because of her school being shut on Eid-ul-Adha when the fire broke. But she woke up due to the panic ridden shrieks of her family and neighbours. However, instead of panicking she relied on her knowledge and instincts which helped her and her family to escape the flames.

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Image Source: DNA

According to a leading daily, the young braveheart said, There was a lot of smoke, and there were a lot of shrieks as people were shouting for help.”

She said that her family rushed to the kitchen but a thick “black cloud” of carbon entered, making it difficult for them to breathe.

In a DNA report, it was stated that Zen then asked the 15-16 people around her to cover their nose with a wet cloth to prevent getting suffocated. She then made an air purifier with cotton and water for each person and asked them to inhale and exhale through it until help came. She had learned this from a dos and don’ts list her teacher taught in the class.

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Image Source: India Today

Zen's father, Gunavrat said, "Since the fire had started on the lower floor, it came up quickly and we could not understand. There was too much confusion. That is when she told us to cover ourselves with wet cloth. We were up there for almost two hours before the help could reach us. We survived breathing through that." 

Around 100 people have been rescued in the operation.

It is inspiring to hear stories of such brave and intelligent kids who use their theoretical knowledge in their lives to protect people. We applaud little Zen for her presence of mind and heroism.

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