Too Cool For School? 10 Fresher-Friendly Essentials For The New College Girl

Too Cool For School? 10 Fresher-Friendly Essentials For The New College Girl

‘School’s out!’

There’s no feeling that compares to the feeling of freedom on finally stepping out of a uniform and graduating into the real world, literally. Exams over, best summer had but lots more to look forward to… college! Yes, it’s time to explore new hallways, make more friends and most importantly, wear whatever you want! Say ‘adios’ to the rut of waking up every morning and putting on the same set of clothes. Exciting, isn’t it?

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However, you will learn there was a certain kind of comfort knowing you didn’t have to plan what to wear or what is in/ out. Dressing for college is tricky in the beginning and don’t we know it. Especially because it’s the hottest summer ever and college is gruelling enough as it is. Don’t you worry, we’ve got your back, fresher girls. Whether it’s comfort, style or sweat-friendliness… we’ve curated a list of must-have fashion pieces every college fresher needs in her closet. And to save you the shopping drama, we’ve also recommended affordable options that will make concentrating on your new subjects much easier too! Here goes:

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1. The Statement Slogan Tee

1 zara clever slogan tee wardrobe pieces for college freshers

You’re going to be around new people at college, so it’s only right you speak your mind through fashion. Pick out a slogan t-shirt, which is comfy, ‘you’ and adds some drama to your wardrobe. Style it with shorts or relaxed PJ pants.

POPxo recommends: T-shirt With Contrasting Slogan (Rs 690 ) by Zara

2. The Hater-Blocking Sunnies

2 the style syndrome cool sunglasses wardrobe pieces for college freshers

Not everyone is going to get you at first and the blinding sun will make it worse. Block ‘em haters and keep the sun out while rocking A+ street style sunnies.

POPxo recommends: Tinted Lens Sunglasses (Rs 570) by The Style Syndrome

3. The Boho Cotton Kurta

3 ajio cotton kurtawardrobe pieces for college freshers

Cotton kurtas are synonymous with college days. They’re bohemian, comfortable and sweat-friendly for the summer. Go for vibrant colours and edgy details to mix it up. Wear with jeans or culottes and kolhapuri chappals.

POPxo recommends: Striped Straight Kurta With Notched Neckline (Rs 650) by Ajio

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4. The Spacious Tote

4 hm spacious tote wardrobe pieces for college freshers

You have no idea how many college books are coming your way, fresher girl, but we do. Prep yourself and your wardrobe with a chic yet spacious tote that will not only carry your books but your lip balms, sunglasses and all the other essentials.

POPxo recommends: Straw Bag (Rs 1,299) by H&M

5. The Relaxed Roomy Pants

5 dressberry chic summer friendly pants wardrobe pieces for college freshers

Sitting on college benches in skinny trousers is not a good idea, trust us. Get yourself a pair of relaxed pants with plenty of room for your legs to breathe in. Not just class but also all the post-college ‘hanging out’ you’re going to do in the sun - comfy pants are a fashion must.

POPxo recommends: Women Navy White Loose Fit Striped Parallel Trousers (Rs 699) by Dressberry

6. The ‘It Girl’ Dress

6 romwe statement party dress wardrobe pieces for college freshers

You haven’t forgotten about all the fresher parties you’re going to be attending, haven’t you? Establish yourself as the girl to know, in a statement dress that’ll turn heads, no doubt.

POPxo recommends: Zip-up Back Sequin Bodycon Dress (Rs 1,108) by Romwe

7. The ‘Wear With Everything’ Jeans

7 shein jeans college wardrobe pieces for college freshers

A good pair of jeans is essential for a college fresher’s wardrobe. The right choice is roomy, comfortable, not too thick, don’t have too much drama going on and are a neutral shade of blue. They’ll go with your crop tops and kurtas alike.

POPxo recommends: Raw Hem Wide Leg Jeans (Rs 1,428) by Shein

8. The ‘Walk All Day’ Slip-ons

8 lulu   sky comfy flats wardrobe pieces for college freshers

To class, to lunch, to hot campus spots and all around… you will be walking all day, pretty much. Along with comfort, because college is exciting, make sure your slip-ons are just as exciting.

POPxo recommends: Furry Toes Black Sliders (Rs 942) by Lulu & Sky

9. The Flirty Top

9 forever 21 flirty top wardrobe pieces for college freshers

If you’re single, be prepared for all the cute boys (yaaaas) you’re going to spot at college. Always be ready to run into your crush with a summer-friendly yet flirty tops. Look out for details like frills, ruffles and delicate prints.

POPxo recommends: Floral V-neck Flounce Top (Rs 909) by Forever 21

10. The Summer Shorts

10 koovs roomy shorts wardrobe pieces for college freshers

Some days are going to be hot and others, even hotter. While you must keep the heat in mind, don’t forget the fashion part. Ditch thick denim shorts for cute cotton shorts to tuck your tank tops into.

POPxo recommends: Gingham Bow-Waist Shorts (Rs 899) by Koovs