Buying The New iPhone? Hold On, Here Are 10 Other Things You Can Buy Instead!

Buying The New iPhone? Hold On, Here Are 10 Other Things You Can Buy Instead!

Every year, no scratch that, every six months, Apple comes out with a bigger, better and faster version of its smartphone. And yet again, it has come out with another series of its X phones - XS, XS Max and XR. The Xs will go on sale in India from October 26 and has a starting price tag of whopping Rs 76,900. It wasn't unexpected though, now was it?

Although one of the models of X series, XR, is comparatively cheaper than the iPhone X, it's still almost a lakh. The other variants cross the 1L mark and touch 1.5L. WHAT?! And as a person who works almost 40 hours a week, money comes hard and goes easy, so I guess we need to spend it wisely.

So in a fun mood today, we came up with 10 things that you can buy at the same price of the new iPhone XR (or less). 

1. A Euro Trip

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Life is short. Go on that Europe trip you have always been planning! And if you've got Rs 76k in your bank balance, then a Europe trip is easily possible. You might not be able to cover the whole continent, but Paris, Amsterdam and Zurich are totally possible within that budget.

Check out a few trips here, here and here.

2. 307 Cups Of Starbucks Coffee 

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A basic regular sized coffee in Starbucks is about Rs 250 approximately, and Rs 76,000/250 = 307 cups of coffee. That's almost 10 months of Starbucks if I have one every day. Bye iPhone, need caffeine more!

3. Buy A Laptop

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Thinking of replacing the old one? There's a wide range of laptops that come under Rs 76k and guess what? Macbooks is one of them! 

4. Buy A Scooty

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A scooty can actually take you places. There's a great variety to choose from. In fact, we've compiled a full list for you. Thank us later!

5. Pay Six Months Worth Of Rent

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If you're a living on your own, this amount of money can probably cover your six months worth rent (if not more). Say hello to no more worries for the next few months!

6. Pay For Entire Graduation Fee In A DU College

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The whooping amount can cover you for three years of undergrad, in almost every DU college. Might even cover your travel cost and miscellaneous cost! 

7. Buy A Meal for 7,500 People

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Ten million people die of chronic hunger every year. You might not be able to cover millions, but you can do still buy a meal for 7,500 people who might have not eaten for days. 

8. A Sabyasachi Saree

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 4.44.49 PM

Believe it or not, you might actually be able to buy a Sabyasachi saree and one of his signature tiger motif clutches for the amount. If you ask me, I'm perfectly satisfied carrying an older version of my iPhone with my new Sabyasachi saree!

9. Buy A Room Worth of Ikea Furniture

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Ikea's one bedroom costs about US$915.97 per room, which is about Rs 54,900. So, you can actually revamp your bedroom and probably buy a couch, too.

10. Get 12 Years Of Netflix Subscription

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How good is that? You're sorted in life for the next 12 years and there's not much you can ask for.

Images: Shutterstock, Instagram

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