10 Looks Of Birthday Girl, Jacqueline Fernandez, That Made Us Say 'Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12'!

10 Looks Of Birthday Girl, Jacqueline Fernandez, That Made Us Say 'Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12'!

Ho kudi aisi fancy,
Nachdi toofan si,
Har ek thumka aazmaaye... Shava

11 jacqueline fernandez - disco disco a gentleman

This description couldn't fit anyone better than Jacqueline Fernandez, am I right? Jacqueline has given us not just KICKass dance moves but also outfit ideas that make us who we are today - Sundar, Susheel, Risky. Okay, okay. Enough of the movie references. On her 33rd birthday, we are celebrating 10 looks of Jackie that are on our hotlist for the pure love of fashion. So hot that we could Just F these , geddit?

1. Her Angelic Saree For Veere Sonam Kapoor's Wedding Reception

1 jacqueline fernandez - white manish malhotra saree sonam's wedding reception

It must have hurt when she fell from heaven!

2. When There Was Party On Her Mind

2 jacqueline fernandez - red dress with slit

A little red dress and a little slit never hurt anyone *wink wink*!

3. When Pantsuits Took Us From The Boardroom To The Bar

3 jacqueline fernandez - black and grey pantsuit

Oh, Chandralekha, we could just hop-up on a pole already!

4. When She Made Us Believe In The Power Of Hoops

4 jacqueline fernandez - red dress and golden hoops

Believe in magic, you Muggle! Here are 13 gorgeous hoops to jazz up all your outfits like Jacqueline.

5. When She Wore Holo Because Y.O.L.O.

5 jacqueline fernandez - holographic midi skirt

Here are 10 holographic fashion items because 'Dil disco disco bole sari raat, Sajna!'. 

6. When Her White Shirt Took Care Of Meetings As Well As Martinis

6 jacqueline fernandez - white shirt and skirt

Finally a white shirt we can get knotty in.

7. When She Gave Us Elegant 'Roy' Feels In Sexy Black

7 jacqueline fernandez - black crop top and skirt

Here's how you make a statement in an all-black outfit.

8. When She Made A Statement Skirt Outsmart Her Slogan Tee 

8 jacqueline fernandez - tank top and statement skirt

Let your clothes do the talking while you do the rocking!

9. When She Mixed Monochrome With Monday 

9 jacqueline fernandez - monochrome black and white

If looks could kill, we would have died a long time ago.

10. When Her Outfit Was All The 'Lampshade' We Needed 

10 jacqueline fernandez - lamshading thigh high boots

And we were thinking thigh-high boots couldn't get any sexier!

Happy Birthday, Jacqueline.