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You know what I felt after watching Pink.. It's a shame for us and people who loved it that we had to make a movie to convey a simple message. Why can't parents,teachers teach the boys that NO means no;as apparently girls are taught so well that no means no,they can't backout form any dam thing ;let alone that be marriage or pregnancy or anything else why not. They are made vulnerable from childhood to people we love and then left on street to deal this boys raised in power and pumped with male ego. I myself can see agreeing to the conditions with all my concern to the person who was my world . We had big issues (which I wrote but I think he would get hurt if he reads on these forum using his fake profile which I don't even know if exists ) Anyway here is what happened:he crossed his limits ,after being in a committed serious relationship,he wanted to marry someone else with any apparent peer pressure. But later he realised his mistakes and came back to me begging. Giving a second chance depends on giver but how to utilise it depends on the person who has chance. And he did utilised it by hurting me over and over again. I still thought I should be supportive enough to let him prove his points but he is hiding in his hood. The person who used to be with me 24x7 to check if I am with him or not,cannot call to prove that he is with me. Even he cannot text back to whatever i texted. Even after he said unacceptable things,I gave him a chance. But I guess he had enough of it. He utilised his chance way he wanted to. He must be enjoying to the nerve. May gold bless him.

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