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So i am sharing my experience with my fellow popxoians! Actually i have 3 small moles/beauty spots whatever you call them. And i thought to get rid of them, because they are like 1 on my forehead and 1 on my left cheek and another on my right cheek. It feels as if something has occupied your beauty. So, how i give it a shot to remove those pathetic spots is i started applying tea tree oil on them. And that too i researched from the internet itself. But it didn't really worked. After regularly applying with a q-tip that mole started drying up and skin around it became sensitive. No doubt some part of the moles have gone as tea tree oil removed layers after drying or becoming a patch. But what i have got it just a faded flat mole not completely clear skin. My question is have anyone here ever tried it or some other remedy that actually works?

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