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I m very very private and resrved person when it comes to being with ppl, sort of socially awkward bt i m extrovert with ppl i love and barely 7-8 friends out of which 2-3 only knows all of me or in my case m totally open book in front of them .. they all have been my friends since base of life say it dey are only ppl cz of whom frienship exist in my life.. but now problem is with course of time this is wat i think that thinking and my friends thinkiing doesnt match, ..they have given lots of happy moments but they have allso hurted me and never gave me kind of love care attention or friendship that i required.. i have known dem frm 8 yrs now... so . I m delima what to do one side i only have dem and on the other hand they hurt me too much .. cz of all this i have became a lifeless person .. please , share your thoughts .

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