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Hi friends !! I am a medical student and I am facing serious trouble with my professor here...I am usually a rank holder and have interests in extra curricular activities too..All my professors have a good opinion on me...But there is one professor who is always complaining about me...Few months back, she was so concerned about me...always praised me in class...gave me loads of work to finish...and had even called me for dinner at her home...But due to a project that I had to submit her few days back and I missed the last date...She told me that she didnt expect that from me...I even managed to get things done the next day and explained her the reasons...But she isn't satisfied till now with me and always scolds me and finds faults with me...I tried my best to satisfy her...But Im really fed up now...I am working hard towards my goals in life and she is here hindering in everything that I do and making me upset...Even my fellow classmates are being annoyed by her everytime...Cant understand this and this is really upsetting me...Please do help me guys...TIA !! :-)

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