Aliza ViraniAliza Virani


hey guys, is coconut oil good for skin if used as a moisturizer at night? i have extremely dry skin ..

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Aliza ViraniAliza Virani

thank you so much all of you and thanks alot prerna for such a thorough explanation..

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POPxo TeamPOPxo Team

yes, it is good.

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Sampurna ChatterjeeSampurna Chatterjee

Don't! Use sweet almond oil or olive oil or rosehip oil. Coconut oil might give you acne

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Prerna NarukaPrerna Naruka

Hello girlfriend, Coconut oil is generally comedogenic so it can clog your pores if applied directly so instead either you can make a body butter or apply either jojoba /olive oil at night.. 1) Mix almond oil / olive oil / jojoba oil+ cocoa butter + coconut oil( avoid if to be used on face) +vitamin e capsule+ rosemary oil + any other essential oil for fragrance, melt and keep to cool down for around 30 minutes or when it's semi solid then whip it for 10 minutes and store in a container you can apply a layer during day and a thick one during night.. I hope this will be of help 🙂

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Aditi MehtaAditi Mehta

No. Do not use it on face

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