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Hey girls this one is intresting... Kind of like poll Its 3 senario of honesty 1 once while in a interview interviewr told me honestly what is his flaws that makes his compney weak. So he want that his employee must have that thing that he doesnt have... I thought this is too much honest n strenge i guess... One of my friend told me that check that what kind of person he is only after that u should join the compney.. Another friend told me that if guy being nice to u means he want something in short he is not that nice he is being nice just because he wants something from me That interviewrs eye color was dark green.. he was kind of young n average looking So his honesty n look n etc doesnt goes in synk so i pass that... 2 Once i meet a guy he is goodlooking again nice, n honest i think too much honest i guess what ever he said is truth. I dont understand why he is being too much honest with me.. is it my personality that makes him to be so honest or... this is trap he want something in return so he is doing that. Coinsidently his eyes is also green n he is nice n honest n truthfull to me.. N i am stranger to him does he doing this cause of any purpose...? He is flirt . He normally flirts with many girls. My friend told me that bit flirty is ok otherwise that would be boaring... So my question is to much honesty is not good for him or if he is being too honest with me only so i want to know why...he is doing that? 3 My roommates ex is big flirt he firts with every girl n he is also honest n also have green eyes... Every thing is fine with these guys but part of me doesn't trust them Am i right at my place or... i am judgeing them on wrong perameters... I need ur presious suggetion Thank you so much in advance..πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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