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*This matter is serious and has to be taken seriously...Because this is something depending on life:-* This is based on fake love which has to deal with me and some issue... •Okay, so lately...I am a teen who everyone had fall for...Some for my personality and some for my looks.....This is something I am not proud of but I have to mention it here regarding the issue! The issue is as follows:- •My dad has 2 brothers and a sister...My dad is the eldest! The brother after him-Let's for now refer him as Man2! So, Man2 took loan from my dad at least 6-7 years ago! That to not a loan of a normal amount.. he took a loan of 2 crores...And my dad gave him happily because man2 was suffering a lot...If my dad wouldn't have helped him at that time...He had be legit on roads...My mum didnt like man2 so she kept on telling my dad not to Help...But my dad helped man2 just because he was his elder brother and a father too (My dad's dad was dead by then😟). From past 4 years...My dad has been asking for his money back..At least half amount of what he gave to him...And he says he will give but still...He didnt give...My dad is controlling himself just because he thinks he is his brother....So, he went to Man2's house to get his money back when Man2 rejected and told my dad to get off the house...In a rude manner....A very rude one....Will never forget that scenario or what he has donetomy dad...Not giving the money and just delaying was okay for my dad...But the way he behaved wasn't...So my dad came back home and was very much frustrated...But he still had this in his mind...."He is my younger brother". my mom told him that she was fed up of hearing this ....My brother n etc....So she itself with my dad went to his house...And told him about his behavior...My dad didnt speak but my mum did...And That fuck*** man2 again very badly insulted andet them off....Then at that night...There came a call to my dad ...It was man2's call.. He used bad words in it...And said dont step into my house ...Man2 was drunk...His voice clearly stated...And then his son took his phone (He is 6months younger to me) and said "Who Ru to ask the Money...Didn't u understand that my dad willpay n etc" I was like wtf? All this time my dad told me to keep quiet and not to speak rudely to elders...And this fuckin ass spoke that way to my dad? A person who helped his dad to survive...? After that day...My mum was like forget bout that money....And she said I am breaking all the relationships with Man2. My dad still had this "He is my brother"thinking....I don't know what this attachment for? How can u still love him when he did this to u! Anyway, My dad was then forced by my aunt me and my mom to not talk to Man2 or meet or anything! He finally said fine...This was the matter which happened 2 years ago. Day before yesterday, Man2 visited our house....Again...After 2years without any calls or meet up...He came...And invited us to his house for a day...My mum was clearly saying no but my dad said okay...Yesterday, we went to his house....We all were very serious...Didnt talk much n nothing...Butt, I saw his son giving all the respect to me! He was acting too good...He kept on staring at me...He kept on holding my hands without any reason...He asked me for some time alone....He found reasons to stay close...I saw him falling for me!!!! I felt him falling for me!!! I definitely know he is in love with me...I couldn't express tho he expressed thru his eyes...This gave me a hint to think of playing a game with him.....A game with his feelings....The way his dad did to my dad...I wanna hit him hard...Not on his face but on his heart...I wanna insult his son....But somewhere.....I feel like this isnt right...He is my cousin but then I can't forget or forgive his dad...So I think I am gonna play game now.... Do u guys think I should do this? Or just pause all this and not hurt him? I am very much confused....! I feel like to him hurt man2 the best way is to hurt his fucking son! I have no interest in him....But just wanna hurt that fucking Man2.

Go ahead 18%
Dont do that 49%
Listen to ur heart 33%

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