There is a girl in my ofic...who once waz my very close fren but she went into relationship with a guy of our ofic...nd i felt change in her attitude...nd i evn dont lyk dat boy much as his way of talking is not so gud but i never told dis to anyone as he loves her due to dis me nd my fren has lil misundrstandings btwn day our boss come to know about dem(he is very intrfering) boss called me to know about dem nd evn y v both r not talking much...i dont want to tell him the reason nd at dat moment i dont no y but i said i dont lyk dat guy much dats y.....boss told dis to her nd inspite of clearing her doubts she started avoiding me den finly i decided to sought out everything den she told me dat she evn doubt me for disclosing dem in front of everyone den i back step from our frenship nd nevaa tried to make things ok as she didnt evn think of talking to me once if she has any doubt....i dont want a fren lyk her....have i done right..? | POPxo