So Girls,today I'm gonna talk about our most discussed period question. "GOING TO TEMPLES OR COME IN FRONT OF GOD IS A SIN,WHILE YOU ARE HAVING PERIOD.." WHY? If it is a sin then God hvnt made us like this? IF it is a sin then nuns(female monks) shouldn't be in asrams or temples... If it is a sin then MOTHER TERESA didn't visited church during her periods or shouldn't hv saved the lives of a huge number of people. Girs plz grow is 2017 not 1017.It is not a sin.We bleed to give birth to a new life not to be criminals.Plz plz aware as many people as u can.It is not a sin. WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS.WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. LET'S BLEED HAPPILY❤🙏 | POPxo