SEX Nw dt I grabbed ua attention.. plz do read further ... Gals.... Ppl r posting questions n polls on GST. I e. Thy say thr s 12% GST on sanitary pads bt 0% on condoms.. My opinion s putng 12% of GST on sanitary pads s nt relevant I agree, bt y do u compare it wid d 0% GST indulged on condoms? In a country lik India, ppl r nt able to go fo condoms either due to d price or due to d negligence.. thn hw cn u expect GST on condoms. Condoms r fo d sake of hygiene , fo avoiding sexually transmitted diseases n also fo avoiding unnecessary pregnancy.. In consideration to d current population on India I think dis s a ryt act .. According to me.. it's ok to nt indulge GST on condoms..U cn speak abt 12 % of it on sanitary pads bt nt in comparison to dt of condoms... NOTE: No offence guys... Dis s jst my opinion Dm me ua opinions if any | POPxo