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I am taking homeopathic treatment since 3 months for Hormonal imbalance. Since 20 days I am having a fever of 99.8, 99.7, 99.2, but it has never touched 100. Some 3 to 4 days back I had got cold also. I had been to doctor. He gave some antibiotics and other paracetamol. Now my cold is gone but fever is the same. I just saw in internet that low fever may be due to cancer or lupus and other big big diseases. I am getting so scared. I am having my engagement in 15 days. Is it happening because of homeopathic medicines? I have no body pain or nothing else. I can easily workout. I don't feel any fatigue. I feel so normal. Only body feels heat. When I take paracetamol (Dolo 650), temperature will become little low but next day again temperature rises. Is something wrong with me?

not cancer/lupus 16%
it's cancer/lupus 2%
due to homeopathy 10%
no idea 72%

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