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Hiii My Angelllss😘😘😘... So today's post is on HOW TO SHAVE AND AVOID BUMPS.. These tips will help u shave both ur body n also ur private area.. This is post 5 of Intimate Hygiene series.. Steps: 💚 wash ur area with LUKE WARM water what it does is it will open ur pores n give u more easy shave 💜scrub ur body(EXCEPT UR PRIVATE AREA) u can use coffee n olive oil 💙APPLY ur shavinggel/conditioner/ babyoil on ur body 💛start shaving on the OPPOSITE direction of ur hair growth ❤️when shaving ur private area first TRIM ur hair using scissors n then only shave ✅After ur done apply COCONUT oil on ur private area to AVOID ITCHYNESS ❣incase of Other body parts apply a good moisturizer 🕚WHEN TO SHAVE shave ur Private Area after u complete ur periods to ELIMINATE all smell n impurities completely ✂️u can always use a pair of scissors if u dont wish to Shavs completely ❎Avoid using any kind of scented soap or Dettol 💰PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: 🔸Gillete satin care ₹45 🔹Gillete Venus Breeze ₹299 🔺Gillete Venus ₹220 ▪️Gillete shaving gel ₹250 Currently am using Gillete satin care n i love how it feels.. Applying coconut gives instant relief n will avoid itchyness.. I suggest u to apply oil n sleep over night for best results.. I hope this helps u all n specially the one's who are new to shaveing.. I prefer waxing on body n shaving down there but its completely upto u.. U can always talk to me if u have any other query.N yes its VERY VERY important to clean ur private area.. Do share this with ur baby sis n friends as well n dont laugh when u share this or else they will feel shy talking about it 😂😂😂.. Luv u all guys😘 💃🏻Iram.H💃🏻

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