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Hiii My Angelllss.. So today's post is about my Challenge to go "Without Makeup n Facewash n Moisturizer" in the sense i din use ANYTHING on my face accept plain water Not even Vaseline🙈 💦ok guys so i started this challenge last Thursday n so m sharing my experience about it with u guys.. 💚 i normaly use facewash as soon as i get up n apply moisturizer immediately after that 💙 as i was up with my challenge i just washed my face with plain water 3-4 times a day 💜on the 1st day my skin was kind of itchy after i washed my face because i think my skin was needing moisturizer 💛 on the 2nd day small boils started appearing around my nose n a big boil on my left cheek😖 ❤️from day 3 my skin was no more itchy but small boils kept on appearing ✅People say going natural is the best but nowdays with growing Pollution n so much of Dirt n Chemicals around us i feel its very very Important for our skin to have Extra Care..N so using something for our skin is not at all wrong.. 💧using water only can no more protect us 100% like the times how it helped our Granny's to achive that Spotless n Flawless skin with just plain water.. 🙅incase ur thinking that i recently uploaded a makeup video on insta.. I had already recorded it 10 days before.. ♻️ it doesn't matters whether u use Natural product or the one's available in the market..but i feel something should always be used for skin care along with water.. 😎Ok guysss i hope this helps us all.. Please share this with ur mom's as i know they are least bothered about their skin n appearence.. Whenever u do something like u apply face pack n all just force her n apply it to her as well😝.. Ask her to use facewash whenever she has time.. U need to make her feel that she should love herself the same way she love's u☺️ U can dm me any of ur quries.. Luv u all😘 💃🏻Iram.H💃🏻

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