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Hii My Angellss😘😘😘...So Today's post is on White Discharge.. This is post 4 of intimate hygiene series.. So what is White Discharge?? In simple words ❣ White discharge is a thick like fluid which comes out of our intimate area ❣it removes all bad bacteria from our body ❣its Completely NORMAL to have White discharge ✅ CAUSES 🔅Changes in Hormones 🔅Mensuration 🔅Medicines..(most imp cause) 🔅Excitement 🔅Pregnancy 🔅Excercise/playing/sports etc 🔅Yeast Infection 🔅use of scented soaps 🔅Health problem like Diabetes 🚺How do u know if ur Discharge is Normal?? ❗️It has NO smell ❗️its THIN ❗️its watery n has NO color ❎How to know if ur Discharge is Not Normal?? ❕Big change in the Color of ur discharge ❕Discharge is very Thick ❕it has a Bad Smell ❕Itching ❕If YELLOW it means u have Yeast Infection ❕If brown or green u may have some Severe problem n u should visit ur Doctor immediately ♐️Tips to Reduce White Discharge ❣Eat healthy like fruits instead of biscuits n guys it really worked for me like u can see the difference in a week ❣Water Water Water💦🌊 Pani pio Bhur Bhur k🙏🏻 if u have a lazy sis like me then ask her to start one bottle in a day n increase ur intake day by day u can use straw n attractive bottles as well..it helped me as i was more attracted to my bottle😂😂😂 ❣Avoid using scented products to wash intead opt for normal water or v wash n all ❣Avoid tight undergarments n avoid wearing it when at home ❣Try using cotton undergarments ❣Incase u have excessive discharge u can use panty liners as well..P.S i have posted about it few days back👍🏻 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 I still remember when i was small n one day when i got up i saw this thick like fluid n i was horrified n i called up my mom n told her i think i have some big disease🙈😂😂😂😂..so girls plz dont think all this it's completely normal.. According to me its best to change ur food patterns it really helps.. Do share this with ur baby sisters n ur friends n do let them know that its NORMAL n nothing to feel shy about.. 💐 I wont be posting everyday but twice or thrice a week as my studies have started.. I got sooo many msgs from u guys n it really means alot to me😘😘😘 I may not be able to reply ur dm or comments very fast but will reply as soon as i get free.. Luv u all😘 💃🏻Iram.H💃🏻

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