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Hi guys...i moved to new class where i will met my old friend...her dad is so much rude to her...treat her and her mother like a servant....there is so long story...so in short she is really upset from her life due to dad and her love life is also not going good....so these are her problems....but many times she become so arrogant and negative personality and say anything to anyone in front of anyone...i don't like this... At old days i try to ignore her behaviour and we got seperated ...even she say soo much dirt about her bff...she also insulted my bffs many tumes...so they don't like her....but now the problem is she want to be with me at class....but i don't i want to make new friends as i don't have any there...and talk to her less...but not ignore her....what do you guys think am i doing right???...i post this question on question section also but only one replied...pls answer.....

yes..u r right 69%
no.. don't do 31%

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