Hey pretty gals..plz tell me whether i hv done correct thing or not?? Today is yesterday.. thr was no one in home except me nd my younger bro wen i m in home for whole day, i usually sit in pyjamas And some uninvited guests(frm my mother side) appear in my house out of blue fr inviting us to some wedding, my younger bro opened the door fr them nd me being in pyjams ran out of hall to bedroom to change into some gud dress... Nd in these 2 mint of me changing in dress...thy disappeared after giving wedding card to my younger bro... Now thy must b thinking ki wat gal i am...who cannot do mehman navazi...i m not having respect fr them...nd all those things...thy will also tell these things to everyone else on my nani's side...see wat her daughter did nd all... Now wen my mumma will come, I bet she will also say the same things ki u shudnot wear pyjamas all the tym😞.. Tell me gals whether i have done nything wrong...dont these guests shud have seated fr 10 mint atleast... | POPxo