Hello everyone.. please read this...I am having low grade fever since 15 to 20 days. The temperature has not even reached 100. Everyday it will be 99.6, 99.8, 99.2(it is in this range only). But 3 days back i also had got cold. I took medicines and now my cold is gone. But the fever is still there. So I went to doctor again. He has given me for some blood tests and urine tests. Tomorrow I will be getting reports. I have given for typhoid, urine and blood count tests. But i don't have any other symptoms like body pain, fatigue or tiredness. I even sweat also(usually people don't sweat during fever). I can easily workout without getting tired. I have hormonal imbalance problems and I am taking homeopathic treatment. But now I am very scared what if I have typhoid? Now tell me what do u people think? Do I have typhoid or urine infection or something else or is this totally normal? | POPxo