Few weeks back a new girl joined my office...shes way to oversmart...like cheap wala oversmart..shes been given under me..shes my junior...but still wo mere sir ke upar se jakar over smartness dikhake sab kam khud karna chahti hai.. Like mere level ke kam bhi usko karne hote. Her knowledgeis like half of mine but she still wants to do every work i do....i get really pissed off by her..like she doesnt have that much capability but she wants to do oversmartness every time.. What shd i do in this situation?? A. Just maintain ur calm and do ur work..dont get pissed off..if she wants to do something..let her do..she herself will get trapped in her over smartness...its her new josh and it will cool down in few days. B. Dont let her do ur work..fight with her or tell her clearly that its ur work so she shdnt do it. | POPxo