The POPxo Power Women List is an annual list that celebrates incredible Indian women who made power moves that had real impact. These phenomenal women inspire and motivate us to write our own success stories.


What is the POPxo Power Women List?

The POPxo Power Women List is an annual list that celebrates incredible Indian women from diverse domains who make power moves that have a real impact.

Who is a POPxo Power Woman?

A POPxo Power Woman is someone on a mission to make the world a better place. She strives to become the best version of herself, on her own terms. She inspires and motivates us to write our own success stories.

What is a power move?

2020 was a year of unprecedented crisis, and we all made efforts to overcome challenges. However, some women hit it out of the park by not only swiftly adapting to the new normal, but also making strides that had a lasting impact. A key to real change, their power moves helped them reinvent and shape their company/ brand and the world for the better.

How does one make it to this list?

If you’ve taken a leap of faith to pursue what you believe in, if you’ve been fearless enough to use your power and influence to shape your brand and make a difference, if you’re a trailblazer who made headlines and has an extraordinary success story to tell, you’re a POPxo Power Woman. Write to us on popxopowerwomenlist@popxo.com and share your story!

How were the 15 POPxo Power Women shortlisted?

The selection of the incredible 15 was a focussed and rewarding process. For POPxo Power Woman List 2020, as the world wrestles with a global health crisis, we looked at women leaders who reinvented or diversified their brands/ businesses/ careers to adapt to the new normal, and the initiatives and swift actions they took to face the challenges posed by the pandemic. They made big power moves in 2020..

Here’s how we the POPxo Power Women List:
Stage 1: Making the long list.
The POPxo editorial and marketing team did a lot of research and collated names of 50 women leaders from diverse domains who felt should be considered for the POPxo Power Women List based on the following criteria:
Did they make a power move in 2020?
Did they have an impact on Indian society during these turbulent times?
Did it establish them as a peer leader in 2020?
Did they inspire and influence young minds?

Stage 2: Narrowing down to The Shortlist
The long-list was then presented to Priyanka Gill, our Founder & CEO, who led three rounds of discussions – each round helping us narrow and focus the list to 25 names who would form the shortlist.
Our mission was to make sure that the leaders on the POPxo Power Women List 2020 had inspiring stories to tell and that they had real impact. This led to rounds of spirited debates. As Priyanka puts it – we are a strong team of ambitious and opinionated women, so we discussed the achievements of each contender passionately!

Stage 3: The final list
The 25 shortlisted names were put to vote. This helped us finalise the incredible 15 for the POPxo Power Women List 2020. These 15 women made 2020 their own. They made big power moves in this challenging year that made the world better for all of us.

How does POPxo celebrate the Power Women?

It is our privilege to include these phenomenal women on our list. And we celebrate them the way we know best: by telling their story. Each Power Woman has an incredible one. Through in-depth interviews, social media amplification, and videos, we capture it all for our young audience – to inspire and motivate them.
Then, in true POPxo fashion, we make sure it reaches far and wide and impacts our entire audience – 50 million monthly active users across platforms. This way, these incredible women, we hope, will inspire a whole new generation to reach for the stars.
As a token of our appreciation, POPxo also makes a donation of MyGlamm Wipeout Sanitizing Kits on behalf of the POPxo Power Women to our non-profit partner organisations–Adharshila and Pratham.

Why did you choose Adharshila?

Adharshila provides quality education to children from underprivileged backgrounds. Through their programs, the organisation works on teaching children to be self-reliant. Adharshila also works on women’s empowerment programmes to help underprivileged women develop various skills. We chose them because they are making great strides in uplifting women, who one day might feature on this list! The organisation is registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 with special tax exemptions under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961 and under Foreign Currency Registration Act.

Why did you choose Pratham?

Pratham is an organisation working towards improving the quality of education in India. Their programs are designed to ensure education reaches all children who are in school or unable to use school facilities. Their mission is to make sure that every child not only attends but also thrives in school. Initially established to educate kids in the slums of Mumbai, Pratham is the first organisation to achieve lasting, wide-scale success in India’s educational landscape. We chose Pratham because they are shaping the future leaders of this country. POPxo wants to give every child the opportunity to change the world one day.

Can I nominate a charity partner?

Of course! You can nominate any charity that is close to your heart, as long as it is a registered one. The POPxo team will then review your nomination to see if it’s a fit for the POPxo Power Women List.

Can I nominate someone for next year’s list?

If you know a trailblazer who deserves recognition and has made a breakthrough in her field, tell us their success story on popxopowerwomenlist@popxo.com.