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All About Weight Loss On POPxo

At least 1 out of 5 people you run into every day is likely to be obsessed with weight loss or fitness... for good reason. Being in perfect health and at a healthy body weight is important for various reasons. Self-confidence, immunity and mental peace are just a few reasons why it’s essential for one to be fit and rid oneself of unhealthy eating habits or a sedentary lifestyle.

If you are struggling with finding different kinds of weight loss foods, recipes, tips and exercise regimes, you’ll be glad to know that we have everything here for you in one place. POPxo has content on all aspects of weight loss for women. If you have stubborn fat in different parts of your body, such as your hips, your chin and your belly, you can read all about how to shed it - what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and which exercises will aid you in your weight loss journey.

Here at POPxo, we focus on weight loss tricks and tips, especially for women. Be it wanting to fit into an old dress or your bridal lehenga, looking your best and feeling your best is the goal, isn’t it? You will read all about weight loss on POPxo, including diets, foods to avoid, apps to download and workouts to do.

To serve as motivation, we also have stories on how celebrities from Bollywood succeeded at weight loss. There is nothing more inspiring than stories on celebs working hard to get fit, is there? Some of the transformations in Bollywood will give you the boost you need to get on the right track to losing weight, the right way.

Read About Weight Loss Foods On POPxo

They say diet contributes to over 80% of effective weight loss. Going to the gym and running for miles every morning will only enhance weight loss with an appropriate diet leading the way. Eating right is key for sustainable weight loss and you can read all about the relevant foods, yummy yet healthy recipes, changes you can make in your daily diet and weight loss Dos & Don’ts, here, at POPxo.

Weight Loss Friendly Foods

With the numerous kinds of foods, it can be baffling to list down all the weight loss friendly foods you can include in your daily diet. A sustainable weight loss journey must include nutritious as well as fat burning foods that you can eat on a daily basis. For those of you who believe following strict diet plans is not for you, it is advisable to be aware of weight loss friendly foods so you can build a broad nutrition plan all on your own. You can read about various low calorie foods on POPxo.

For our carb-loving readers, we also have articles on our website that will help you construct a weight loss diet with healthy carbs rather than ending up binging on harmful carb types, like pizza, pasta and such. If you stay up late and find it hard to battle snacking, read about midnight snack options, that are also weight loss friendly, on POPxo.

Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Just as there are foods that can induce weight loss, there are also several foods that can interrupt your weight loss journey. POPxo has written articles on these kinds of foods to avoid for stable weight loss progress. Some foods like granola, smoothies and juices are believed to be weight loss friendly on a large scale but in reality can be loaded with preservatives and sugar to help them be tastier for daily intake. Read all about such foods on POPxo and make your weight loss experience smoother and consistent.

Tasty Weight Loss Recipes

People believe weight loss friendly foods and dishes are, by default, not tasty. However, at POPxo, we have written stories on tasty weight loss recipes that you can cook easily in the comfort of your own home. If the dishes you make at home for weight loss taste good, it naturally becomes easier to resist bingeing and resist temptation towards junk food that will break your weight loss process.

One does not need to starve or pass up on tasty dishes to expect weight loss results and our stories support this belief. POPxo offers tasty recipes, including delicious weight loss cocktails and unique lunch ideas that you can enjoy while you are on your weight loss diet.

Weight Loss Diets

It is always better to follow tried and tested weight loss diets to achieve your fitness goal rather than guesswork, as it slows down the process and could also lead to deficiencies. To gain proper nutrition while being on a weight loss journey is a must, isn’t it? This is why you will find numerous articles and personal experiences of team POPxo on our website, which will guide you to choose plans like the Ketogenic diet and even carb-friendly diets.

Crash dieting is a concept that is not healthy and many believe it to be an effective way to lose weight. However, on reading POPxo stories based on personal experiences on crash dieting, you will learn how this weight loss concept is more harmful than otherwise.

Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Everyone has occasions when they want to look their best but don’t have too long to get in shape, like a sudden beach vacation or a wedding. For these times, you will come across POPxo articles on nutritious yet effective weight loss diet plans that give you quick results. Brides-to-be, especially, will find our two-week diet plan very helpful.

Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

There is truth in the saying that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Not only does a healthy and wholesome breakfast dictate your mood for the rest of the day, it also helps to kill any unwarranted craving until your next meal. However, it’s tough to cook up a filling yet healthy breakfast... unless you have help, that is. POPxo has articles on healthy and yummy breakfast recipes that will fill your tummy and also help you achieve your weight loss goals. From healthy parfait bowls to scrumptious pancakes to a nutritious upma, weight loss breakfast options on POPxo are endless.

Dessert Recipes For Weight Loss On POPxo

Have a sweet tooth and don’t know how to avoid sugar cravings while on a weight loss plan? Don’t you worry, because you can read about healthy dessert recipes for weight loss on POPxo. From crepes to waffles to cookies, there are weight loss friendly dessert ideas that you can include in your plan for weekends and special occasions minus the guilt trip after.

Get Weight Loss Tips On POPxo

Weight Loss Myths

Over the years there are multiple myths about weight loss that have cropped up. It is easy to believe some of these myths but acting on some weight loss myths might mean a lack of nutrition and lead to deficiencies. To avoid such situations, read all about weight loss myths, like avoiding dairy and carbs, on POPxo.

Weight Loss Mistakes

There are some proven facts based on studies that might be leading to mysterious weight gain despite you being on a healthy diet plan. Some of these include makeup, your bedroom lights (yes!) and your ‘diet’ drinks. These ‘mistakes’ might surprise you but will also help you avoiding them in order to get the weight loss results you want.

Weight Loss Tips From Team POPxo

There is no better and more effective form of learning than through stories. Members of the POPxo team have some weight loss tips for you based on their own weight loss experiences.These tips will definitely give you a clearer picture about changes you should make, foods you should eat and more.

Medical Reasons For Weight Gain

Are you wondering why in spite of your efforts you aren’t seeing any weight loss? Gaining weight regardless of sticking to your weight loss regime? The reason might be medical. When your organs aren’t performing the way they should be or you have a deficiency, you might end up gaining weight mysteriously. For instance, if your hormones aren’t balanced, weight gain is a common output of the same. Read all about it on POPxo.

Weight Loss Tips For Brides

It is common to see some weight gain after one gets married. By popular belief, it is due to various psychological reasons like a sense of security or the feeling of the ‘honeymoon’ period bliss. Either way, there are ways to avoid this weight gain and you can find out how by reading about it on POPxo.

Recommendations On Fitness Apps For Weight Loss By POPxo

In today’s world, technology is everything. It helps with our day to day chores and work but it can also help one succeed in one’s weight loss journey. From your heart rate, to daily activity monitoring to how many glasses of water you’re supposed to drink, fitness apps are like invisible weight loss coaches. Read all about our fitness app recommendations on POPxo.

Weight Loss Exercise
Even though an adequate and appropriate diet plan contributes much more to your weight loss result, exercising is an essential part of weight loss as well. While some forms of exercising provide toning of body parts, like weight training, visually shaping up your figure, others, like yoga increase metabolism and help one burn calories. Read about various weight loss exercise regimes on POPxo.com to educate yourself on the correct ways to work out.

Weight Loss Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Out of all body parts, the belly is the toughest to lose fat from. On POPxo, you can read about various kinds of workouts and weight loss exercise regimes that will help you burn that stubborn belly fat. Bye bye, belly fat… hello, crop tops!

Different Types of Weight Loss Exercises & Workouts

Bored of the gym? We understand. Which is why we have written about several effective yet fun forms of weight loss exercises that will keep you determined and help you achieve your weight goal. From weight loss inducing yoga poses to the sensuous pole dancing fitness trend, find out more about different workouts on POPxo.

Weight Loss Exercise With Boyfriend

Working out with a buddy or partner makes the process more motivating, especially when it is your boyfriend. Read about how to make weight loss exercise regime more fun, by involving your boyfriend, on POPxo.

Weight Loss Exercise During Pregnancy

Read about the healthy and effective ways to stay healthy and fit, even while you’re pregnant, so that it’s not a struggle during postpartum. On POPxo, we have the expert opinion of Kareena Kapoor’s fitness coach Yasmin Karachiwala to guide you through a fit pregnancy.

Weight Loss & Bollywood

Staying fit and looking amazing through weight loss seems hard but when you have Bollywood’s most famous celebrities as motivation, it is easy as pie. From Zareen Khan’s incredible weight loss transformation to Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty giving us fitness goals, you will always find weight loss motivation when you need it, on POPxo.

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