If You Thought Bella’s Spray-On Dress Surprised The Internet, You Haven’t Seen Doja Cat Yet

Urvi Shah

The Internet has notified everyone of Paris Fashion Week’s show-stopper. Carpets have unraveled for her, and ramps have cradled her strides. Brows have no real-estate, and colours have announced themselves dramatically on the face. Lacquers have been promoted to coffin-shaped manicures, and drama has struck the the lips in jet-black stripes. Dojaaaa Cat, everyone.

Doja Cat has delivered literal head-turning looks at this year’s edition of Paris Fashion Week. The singer has doused her face in shades of Avatar-like blue; enriched her newly-shaved brows with rhinestones; and traced bolts of lightning around the eyes over the past couple of days. This riot of colour and experimentation recently translated into another drama-packed aesthetic for Doja — who drenched her skin in gold body-paint for one of her appearances. Ahead — the look.

Get Into It, Yuh — She Really Took Her Own Advice

MUA Laurel Charleston bathed the singer’s skin in splashes of gold for P.F.W. While Cat’s skin didn’t display any evidence of cat-eye flicks or bolder-than-ever lipstick, she looked like a human-sized award: glistening and glimmering like a glorious, gold-drenched statue. One of her newly-shaved brows was encrusted with a stud — the only embellishment informing the look. While her face, neck, and chest boasted the sheen, her hands remained untouched.

Notice how a little bit of the gold trickled down to her coffin-shaped lacquers. Her nail artist channeled the aesthetic onto the nails effortlessly. The singer is seen embellishing her lips with a heavy-handed flick of gold-hued lipstick in one of the videos.

Detractors flourished on Twitter. One user claimed that the paint made her look ‘ugly’; but Doja responded with, “I wasn’t trying to look sexy or attractive. All of my makeup has a story, and there are absolutely 0 rules, and if there were you wouldn’t be the one making them.” We love a queen who stands up for herself.

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Cat continues parading never-seen-before aesthetics on the body — further cementing beauty as experimental and fun. We cannot wait to see what she does next.

Featured Image: Instagram