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Makeup Aesthetics Each Zodiac Sign Can Rock This Party Season

Makeup Aesthetics Each Zodiac Sign Can Rock This Party Season

Are you wondering which makeup look is going to be most compatible with your party persona? Well, then let your stars take a lead on this one. And by stars we mean both astrological and celebrities who serve blockbuster makeup looks all the time. Taking cues from your zodiac can help introduce you to makeup trends that just get your vibe and further enhance it. If you’re a fire sign, you probably want to look kinda spicy and if you’re a water sign, cool-girl beauty looks are probably more up your alley. It’s fun to find a makeup look the horoscope way rather than being confused by numerous makeup trends. If you want to try something new with your makeup this party season, we’ve picked a makeup aesthetic for each zodiac sign to help you decide. Check them out!

A Party Makeup Aesthetic For Each Zodiac Sign

Aquarius: Twinkle Lil’ Star

The water bearer who is actually an air sign will find that this silver sparkles eye makeup look on Camila Cabello perfectly reflects a cool and airy attitude that is in sync with the duality of this zodiac sign. This look is reminiscent of either sparkling water or stars in the sky.

Pisces: Smokey Edge

Cute but will fight, Pisces wants to look like ‘that’ girl all the time and Deepika Padukone’s smokey makeup look is exactly what will translate your vibe right. It will put the focus on your eyes and draw everybody’s attention while keeping it subtle and classy. 

Aries: Fire In Your Eyes

Fiery red eyeliner for the Fire sign, Aries. Rihanna shows you that when applied over sparkly nude eyeshadow, a red eyeliner can look glamorous and absolutely party-ready.


Taurus: Double Wings

Considered to be the most beautiful zodiac sign, Taurus can try earthy brown with a metallic finish on the lids and amp it up with a double-winged liner effect. Add a touch of copper at the inner corners to highlight.

Gemini: Negative Space

Shay Mitchell’s luxe black eye makeup look that features black pigment tracing the eye sockets is a classy pick for the social butterfly, Gemini. It’s both a playful and glamorous look which compliments this air sign’s different moods.

Cancer: Pearlescent Everything

Caring and a total catch, Cancer zodiac signs can thrive with pearlescent makeup this party season. Apply a pearlescent gold eyeshadow on the lids, a pearlescent-hued highlighter, and dab some of it on your lips as well.

Leo: Feline Effect

We all know that Leos like to maintain their diva persona and so for the party season, this divalicious feline makeup look is just the ticket. With luxe nude glitter on the lids and a feline eyeliner application in all black, you can live up to your max potential with this makeup look. 


Virgo: ’90s Classics

For the caregivers who are into all things classy and cool, this ’90s grunge makeup look with a touch of glamm is just what will make you Virgos shine this season.

Libra: Sparkles & Gloss

Libras are always the life of the party and their style aesthetic is cute and popular. This pretty makeup look replete with the season’s hottest trends such as lip gloss and frosted lids will make this zodiac season get in the mood to party.

Scorpio: Wet & Wild

Everyone finds Scorpios to be mysterious with loads of sex appeal, and that’s why this beautiful dewy finish makeup look is perfect for this zodiac sign. It exudes natural beauty and makes the skin look extremely soft and alluring.

Sagittarius: Star Gazing

It’s eye makeup inspired by the night sky for this adventurous zodiac sign. Sagittarius can experiment with purple or blue eyeshadow bases and holographic glitter on top.


Capricorn: Sculpted 

The Capricorn zodiac sign is all about sophisticated aesthetics and this sculpted makeup look is right up their alley. Featuring earthy tones for the earth sign, sharply defined eyes and a nude lip outlined with brown lip liner is the way to go.

We’re sure you’ve found your makeup calling for the party season in this list of zodiac makeup looks. Go on and experiment with these makeup aesthetics RN!

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Dec 2022

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