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This Wacky Zara Arm Warmer Has Twitterati Questioning Their Sanity & We Can’t Stop LOLing

This Wacky Zara Arm Warmer Has Twitterati Questioning Their Sanity & We Can’t Stop LOLing

We’ve seen some cringe-worthy fashion and beauty trends in 2020. From gold masks to Maggie heels to COVID nail art, some made us go WTF and others made us want to hide under the blanket! While this one isn’t cringe-worthy, it surely is as bizarre as it can get. Well, Zara just introduced an ‘Arm Warmer’ which is practically a turtleneck with sleeves–but no shirt! And guess what? It’s priced at Rs. 1,890! The desi inside us just went ‘Hain?‘. 

A Twitter user just sparked a debate on the microblogging platform after she posted a picture of the ‘Arm Warmer’ questioning if Zara was okay. And this thread has more memes than we can handle! 

Some thought that these shirtless sleeves can be perfectly paired with the Sears’ Leg Trousers while others called the piece cute. Some users also posted a few ways to style these ‘Arm Warmers’ that makes us think, it’s not so bad after all! But the price has us wondering if it’s really worth it. It’s not like our grandmothers can’t knit these for us!

It’s Stolen!

Some netizens pointed out that the outfit is ‘inspired’ from cartoon characters or maybe made for one. Another simple pointed out that it is stolen! Are you listening Diet Sabya/Diet Prada?

For Horses Or Dogs?

This On-Point Comparison

Honest Opinion?


Another user pointed out that Zara has introduced something for people who need ‘extra sleeves’ and wondered why they don’t do this with pockets–and we totally agree! Some extra pockets never hurt anyone! Us girls do need more pockets ‘coz those tiny ones you make don’t work out for us. But on the other hand, it probably wouldn’t be worth it if we had to spend Rs 1,900 on just pockets!

Well, this makes us wonder what’s worse….Rubina Dilaik’s fashion choices or Zara’s ‘Arm Warmers’. But seriously…would you buy these shirtless sleeves?

Feature Image: Twitter/Zara

21 Dec 2020

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