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8 Oh-So-Yummy Scents That My Boyfriend Loves On Me (And Yours Will Too!)

8 Oh-So-Yummy Scents That My Boyfriend Loves On Me (And Yours Will Too!)

Let’s face it, we all have fetishes for one thing or another. My boyfriend, for instance, is a sucker for anything that smells amazing. Be it the sweet smell of summer rain, brewed lemongrass tea, chocolate brownies baking in the oven or the citrus scent that lingers on my skin after a cold shower – he loves them ALL.

A good fragrance has the power to change your mood, make your day, boost your confidence and turn on your bae. It’s fascinating how something so invisible can have such a strong impact. Here are eight heavenly-smelling beauty products that even your special someone will get hooked to.

8 Scents My Boyfriend Loves On Me (And Yours Will Too)

Get ready to add these to your cart in 3…2…1…

Oh Honey!

He’s crazy about this cream’s scent. I’m a fan of this skincare product too because of its ingredients. It’s made from the precious combination of Jeju’s canola honey and ginger. While it leaves a delicious raw scent on my skin, it also makes it smooth and baby soft at the same time. 




Pour Some Sugar On Me

This sugar scrub is his favourite! In fact, he’s probably guilty of using it more than me because it smells so damn YUM! Whenever I’ve used this scrub, I’ve noticed that it naturally exfoliates and helps remove my blackheads and whiteheads. I’m left with soft, glowy and delicious-smelling skin (which he loves)!

Berry Kissable Lips

I swear by this sleeping mask for lips in berry flavour! It does a great job at melting away the dead skin cells from my lips, making my pout feel as soft as a pillow. Plus, the sweet berry scent this mask gives off makes my boyfriend want to eat my lips for breakfast *hides behind my waffle*.


I’m Sexy & I Know It!

Ever felt empowered and sexy after using a beauty product? That’s how I feel about this baby! Every time I apply this lotion, the papaya goodness makes my skin buttery smooth and its lovely scent drives him crazy! He sits closer to me. There’s more touchy-touchy happening. Cuddling and sloppy kisses follow soon after *blush*.

Call Me Rose?

There are a million flower species out there, but my human loves only roses! He says that they instantly brighten up his mood and make him feel refreshed. After a long day at work, the two of us love pampering ourselves by using this rose gold oil after a hot-water shower. It keeps our skin healthy, fresh and oh-so-hydrated.

But First Coffee

My man is a hardcore coffee lover! He’d skip drinking water, but not his morning cup of coffee. We always apply the mask together. It’s like our weekend ritual. We mask, eat pizzas and read our books in comfy pyjamas. C’est la vie!



Smell Like A Snacc

I usually apply this body butter after a shower at night. My skin smells of all sorts of yummy things like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, lotus oil and almond oil. Neither I nor my boyfriend can get enough of it. 

Sweet Lavender For The Win!

Vanilla and lavender are his go-to scents when he feels drained and tired. They help him sleep better and feel calmer. The fragrance of this shower gel on my skin makes him want to cuddle with me all night long!

Thanks to these fabulous beauty products, my love life is on fire!

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25 Sep 2019

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