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Twitterati Slam YouTube Channel For Adding ‘Ek Chutki Sindoor’ To Anushka Sharma’s Picture

Twitterati Slam YouTube Channel For Adding ‘Ek Chutki Sindoor’ To Anushka Sharma’s Picture

Anushka Sharma shared a Diwali post on her Instagram handle and we must say, she looked ethereal! The soon-to-be mom was dressed up in a gorgeous white suit with a hint of gold detailing on the front that was mostly covered by her white dupatta. She paired the look with a white pair of mojri and huge gold earrings. Basically, we couldn’t take our eyes off her. 

The Pari actress wrote quite a relatable caption that read, “Got all dressed up to sit at home and eat. And it was great 😁. Hope you all had a beautiful Diwali” Well, that more or less sounds like our Diwali as well! 

And while Anushka’s fans were admiring her beauty, a YouTube channel named ‘Universal In Sights’ decided to add in their own touch to her picture. Yes, we all are aware of the magical software application called Photoshop that can legit make you look like a Greek goddess (unnecessarily, of course). But, what really stunned us is that the YT channel did not morph Anushka’s image to make her look any more beautiful, but to add sindoor (wait, what?)! A Twitter user spotted the difference and brought it to everyone’s notice on the micro-blogging site.

Of course, now we are curious to know why Universal In Sights felt that adding sindoor to Anushka’s picture was so important. We have seen a lot of people morph their images and do a bizarre range of things like removing knees from legs, add curves to their body, and even hide their double chin. However, to add vermillion on a woman’s picture is more illogical than we can comprehend. Plenty of Twitter users expressed their disbelief as well. While some made hilarious comments about it, some demanded that society leave the women alone!

No, please no!

Another user demanded to know why people are acting so furious as it was ‘just sindoor’ and it’s inoffensive. The user was then schooled that it’s not just about the vermillion but about not giving a woman the right to choose–whether she wants to apply sindoor or not.

Recently, Guwahati High Court claimed that married women who do not wear sindoor can be seen as refusing to accept their marriage. We just want to add that wearing sindoor is a woman’s individual choice. Traditional symbols of marriage like mangalsutra, red chura, and sindoor hold emotional significance for a lot of women, but these aren’t the only things that define marriage. A married woman can very well choose not to wear any of those things mentioned above and still be very much married!

We hope people learn respect a woman’s individual choices, and don’t resort to such absurd things moving forward!

 Feature Image: Instagram

20 Nov 2020

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