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Snip Snip: 6 Gorgeous Haircuts That Are Guaranteed To Take Years Off Your Face

Snip Snip: 6 Gorgeous Haircuts That Are Guaranteed To Take Years Off Your Face

Did you know that the right haircut can shave years off of your appearance? It’s true. The shorter your hair, the more youthful you can look, but that doesn’t mean all short haircuts are great for this purpose. It also doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to go super short to look younger. While you can and should rock whatever style your please, certain hairstyles have an It-girl factor that dictates an age-defying look and possess the ability to make you look (and feel) younger. 

If reversing the clock is high on your list of priorities, you should consider how your cut plays into it all. Lucky for you, we’ve already done the dirty work and have put together a list of chic haircuts that also possess the ability to reverse your age. Check them out now!

6 Haircut Trends To Sport For A Youthful Avatar


The long bob aka the lob is the perfect cut that meets you halfway. You can get the benefit of both a short and long hairstyle with this haircut. This trend suits all hair textures and features minimal layering at the bottom according to your hair needs. It appears to have blunt ends that fall just above or grazing your collarbone.

Layer It On

This vivacious haircut is called the shag and it can be adapted for both short and medium hair lengths. This cut features loads of layers that are a mix of wispy and choppy scissor work. Bangs are usually associated with this cut and it makes for the best lazy-girl hairstyle that requires minimal to no styling at all. The best part is celebs across the globe are addicted to this trend and it complements all hair textures as well.

Mid Mod

Mid-length hair is ideal for anyone who does not want to go short but still wants to look youthful. Hair at this length appears to be fuller and bouncy as compared to super long lengths. Make sure to ask your hairstylist to trim your ends to be exactly at shoulder length.

Fringe It

Whether it is long, short, or mid length hair that you want to maintain, adding a fringe to the mix is the best thing you can do for your visage. It is also the perfect way to experiment without too much commitment. There are tons of fringe styles you can try like wispy bangs, bottleneck bangs, curtain bangs, or baby bangs.

Cool Shoulder

Get yourself a lob haircut but add steps or layers to it. Layers or a step cut instantly adds texture to your mane and lift so that it is bouncy and full of life. It also allows for easy maintenance and styling.

Long Lustre

If you can’t imagine your hair to be short and don’t want to compromise on your length, opt for a mid length cut with long layers. This will take care of your damaged ends so that your hair looks lustrous and feels bouncy. It will even subtly shape your frame and elevate your best features. Make sure to ask for face framing layers to make this haircut trend work in your favour.

When you want your hair game to flourish, you can’t just rely on a cool cut. You need the right haircare essentials too. We recommend:

What are you waiting for? Book your haircut appointment and hop onto one of these haircut trends this season. 

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14 Jun 2022

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