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I Tried 3 Different Makeup Looks For Valentine’s Day & Here’s How You Can Do It Too!

I Tried 3 Different Makeup Looks For Valentine’s Day & Here’s How You Can Do It Too!

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just put on the same black dress, style your hair the same way and paint your pout the same shade of red – think out of the box. For date night, WOW your partner by experimenting with new makeup looks. I know that you came here to get inspired and that’s exactly what you’re going to get! 

PS: Before applying your makeup, moisturise your face!

Your Guide To Flawless Valentine’s Day Makeup

Guys, each look that I’ve created is offbeat and unique. It’s not your regular red lip, shimmery highlighter and wing liner! Plus, it’s super-duper doable. Let’s check ’em all out?

1. Heart Stickies Are Adorbs

This makeup look is not only adorable but wearable too. What I’ve done here is painted my pout nude, applied glittery fuschia pink eyeshadow on the lids and stuck two heart stones just next to my black liner. The highlight is the stones here and it pops, even more, when the rest of your makeup is kept subtle and minimal. 

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The Pinky Way

This look isn’t too showy or too basic either, it’s in the sweet spot. I’ve done a pink monotone look for V-Day. There’s pink on the cheeks, on the lids and on the lips. You can add a bit of highlighter for that glowy effect. 

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The Killer Red Liner

Instead of going for red lips, I went for a red wing liner. It has the word ‘love’ labelled all over it. The focus here is just on the eyes and nowhere else. When creating this look, you only have to make sure that your base is right and to choose a red shade that will make your eyes pop. If you don’t have red eyeliner, use a liquid red lipstick instead. 

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Each of these makeup looks were easy to create. In two looks, I’ve just focused on one feature and kept the rest of the face minimal. The pink monotone look is the only look where I’ve played it safe. For the rest two, I’ve put my creativity to test. For Valentine’s Day, I urge you to try something different.

Which of these 3 looks did you like the most? Please say ALL and make my day? 

Images: Writer’s Own

11 Feb 2020

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