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Skip The 10-Step Skincare Routine: This Should Be Your Ultimate Approach To Dewy Cheeks

Skip The 10-Step Skincare Routine: This Should Be Your Ultimate Approach To Dewy Cheeks

“Glass Skin” has been popular for quite some time now. In other words, spotless, dewy skin. Thanks to the K-Beauty community, the notion behind this beauty trend is to have skin that is smooth, baby-like, and highly moisturised, with a perceptible luminosity — just like a glass pane.

We’re here to serve you a new roadmap to that clever glassy glow a.k.a. dewy skin that will be super easy to achieve in real life.

Beauty Products That’ll Give You Dewy Base In Seconds


Hey, Facial Mists!

Ladies, you can set your makeup with a professional setting powder, but it will lend a matte finish. We recommend using a facial spray to achieve luminous skin a.k.a. glassy glow. Several spritzes will give you that glowing, radiant skin.

Team Up Foundation & Facial Oil

If you have extremely dry skin, you may wish to combine a tiny portion of foundation with a few drops of facial oil. This technique is ideal for achieving a glowing sheen. You can alternatively apply the foundation first, then drop your makeup brush into a bottle of skin oil and gently buff it on. Isn’t it magical?

Blend… Blend… Blend…

Blend your foundation with a damp makeup blender to achieve a dewy look. Because the sponge usually contains water, it will not only smooth out your makeup but will also make your skin appear dewy and fresh.

Petroleum Jelly To Your Rescue

Whether you wear makeup or flaunt bare skin, applying a dash of petroleum jelly to the highest points of your face will make you glow like a lightbulb. Your perennially gleaming cheeks will be the highlight of your makeup look. Bag a tub of effective yet affordable highlighter, aka petroleum jelly, if you want to join the glass skin party right now.

Moisture-Rise It

Your skin must first be moisturised and moist in order for your makeup to set properly. One method is to apply a moisturiser immediately after washing your face with a facial wash. And then, swipe a gel-based moisturiser on your cheeks after you’re done with makeup, especially if you want dewy skin. This hack of using a gel-based moisturiser on your cheeks will not only reflect light but also moisturise, nourish, and soften skin.

Follow this skin prep before you move on to achieving dewy skin with makeup

When I say glass skin, you can instantly imagine clean, glowing, healthy, flushed skin. As a result, your skin prep should follow suit. Apply a few drops of good face oil to your skin before applying a non-comedogenic moisturiser (opt for one that will work well even on oily skin types). Then, use a primer to create an even-toned, smooth canvas for your makeup to rest on.

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13 Jun 2022

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