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Amp It Up: Your Guide To Ampoules For The Skin

Amp It Up: Your Guide To Ampoules For The Skin

There’s a new buzzword going around on the internet: ampoules. And it piqued my interest instantly. What are ampoules, and why are they regarded as supercharged serums? Are you telling me there’s something more powerful than a serum out there?

K-beauty says yes. Let’s answer these questions ASAP.

Your Definitive Guide To Ampoules


What? More Concentrated Than Serums?

Yeah—ampoules are more potent than serums. This means they’re infused with higher concentrations of actives, and tend not to contain preservatives or fillers. In other words—they’re your go-to serums on steroids. And just like serums, they can tighten, hydrate, nourish, firm, and brighten—basically target specific concerns. They share a similar consistency and feel. If a formula contains an active with a relatively higher concentration than normal, you can call it an ampoule—even if it’s labelled as a ‘serum’. Since these aren’t regulated terms, brands can market their products as either of the two; but if you can tell the difference, you’ll know one from the other.

What Do Ampoules Contain?

It depends on the concern you want to address. A few common ingredients include Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and ceramides. Remember that ampoules target one concern at a time, and have a shorter lifespan than the rest of your formulas as they’re prepared without preservatives.

Wait—They Expire How Soon?

You must use the elixir before it expires—it’s ideal to use an ampoule within 24 hours of opening the packaging to prevent oxidization. Check the back of the packaging for more clarity on how quickly you must use one, and how to apply the formula effectively.

Disclaimer: You Cannot Use It Everyday

While a serum is more of an everyday elixir, an ampoule isn’t. It’s a treatment you must work into your routine every once in a while to rebalance your skin. Think of serums as everyday classes, and ampoules as a crash-course. You can reach out for this power-packed vial on days you feel like your complexion is dull and lifeless, and needs a boost; but don’t go overboard as ampoules are highly-concentrated formulas at the end of the day.


Does It Come Before Or After Serum, You Ask?

Ampoules can be used in conjunction with other formulas. There are two ways you can use one. You can work it into your regimen for three to five days on end (like a stipulated period), and stop—or you opt for a more consistent approach, and treat your skin to the elixir once a week. As for when to insert this step into your routine, it’s simple. Once you’ve cleansed and toned your skin, layer the ampoule on, and follow it up with a serum and moisturiser to lock the treatment in. Applying it before a serum can boost the efficacy of the formula. Or you can replace it with a serum too. It’s on you. Always read the instructions at the back of the packaging: some ampoules can be used more frequently than others.

Yes, You Can Mix And Match

That’s the thing about ampoules. They’re adaptive in the way that they mix well with oils moisturisers, and serums—you can customise them to create your own supercharged cocktail of ingredients to address your specific concern. Pretty convenient, no?

So? What’s your take on ampoules?

Featured Image: Pexels

25 May 2022

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