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Like A Boss: 10+ Home Decor Items To Make Your First Adult Apartment Feel Like Home!

Abhilasha TyagiAbhilasha Tyagi  |  May 22, 2019
Like A Boss: 10+ Home Decor Items To Make Your First Adult Apartment Feel Like Home!


So you are officially an adult now. Gone are the days of squabbling with your siblings or stealing food from the fridge when no one is looking. Now, you are the ADULT who buys groceries, gets work done and more importantly, lives alone. Yes, the ultimate litmus test of adulthood and by extension, independence, is living on your own, sans parents and all the comfort they provide. But hey, that’s adulting, right? Now that you are all grown up, you get to make some major life choices, for instance, the apartment you will live in and make into a home.
Needless to say, exciting times call for exciting accessories and decor to go along as well. And now that you have a new apartment, shouldn’t it get the A-class treatment as you go all out with your ideas? We sure think so. If you are someone who has long been making Pinterest boards and saving stuff to Instagram to use later, now is the time to take it all into account and get started. But in case you need help decorating the new haven, we got some ideas for you, girl! Read on to find out.

Choose A Theme

Picking a theme first is of utmost importance, or else you will just be left going here and there without a clue. Minimal, maximal, bohemian, quirky, clean, kitschy, vintage and modern are some of the numerous themes you can delve into. 

Make A List

The walls, the cabinets, rooms, furnishings, windows and basically all the nooks and crannies need your attention. So that you do not miss out on anything important, make a list of essentials you need to shop for, as well as the areas that need your attention. 

Select Relevant Items 

Once you are done with the initial bit, it’s time to pick items that match your idea. Quirky? Go big with prints and dollops of colour. Minimal? Stick to clean lines and monochrome hues. Most importantly, make sure to not miss out on essentials such as clocks, lamps, etc. —things you couldn’t do without. 

Go Big On Utility

Sure your big decor idea is finally getting its much-deserved break, but it also ought to be utility-inspired. Extra cabinets and shelves that hold your stuff in play, a key holder and relevant furnishings are not to be ignored at any cost!

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3. A Dainty Motif Table Lamp


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4. Bright Fairy Lights


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5. A Minimal Flower Vase


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6. Colourful Key Holder


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7. Uber-Cool Posters


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8. Fragrant Candles



9. The Flora-Inspired Look


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10. A Super Fun Wall Clock


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11. Elegant Wall Paintings


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