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Tu Adopted Hai: 9 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The Youngest Sibling

Tu Adopted Hai: 9 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The Youngest Sibling

“Tu adopted hai.”

If this phrase sounds familiar and you have heard it at least once in your life, then most probably, you have an elder sibling. In fact, they may have told you various stories about how your parents found you somewhere and brought you home. And don’t forget, you were once the guinea pig–from weird makeup hacks to wrestling moves, you have seen it all.

Basically, being the youngest sibling had its own share of pros and cons and you love them all. After all, you learn the concept of trolling way before the trend of memes began. And, you may want to pretend otherwise, but no one else gets more pampered in this world than the youngest child in the family.

So, if you have been nodding silently while reading all of this, here are a few things that you’ll find super relatable as a youngest sibling.

9 Things Only The Youngest Sibling Will Relate To

From debating on who your mom loves the most to having a monopoly over the kitchen menu, here are all the things that you have either done or experienced as the youngest child in the family.

Pocket Money Is Never An Issue

Remember that one friend in the group during your college days who was never broke? Like seriously, no amount of lavish parties or sudden trips could give them a cash crunch. Well, here’s the thing–it wasn’t because they were extra rich but because they had an elder sibling who was earning.

As a younger sibling, you always have the benefit of extracting some extra pocket money from your big bro or sis. Sometimes, it even comes as a reward for keeping their secrets. Yeah… they may call it a bribe, but who cares?!

Free Help Available 24*7

Don’t get too carried away because no one gets money for free. Not even younger siblings. Most of the time, they have to earn it by working hard for their elder siblings. It includes getting them water whenever they want, ironing their clothes, serving them food…you get the gist, right? In short, please your big brother and sister and you’ll be rewarded fosho!

You Ace Your School Projects

While many of your friends dread all those fancy science projects for all the fuss they create, you love them. Not only you enjoy them, you eagerly wait for those projects because you ace them like a boss. But, it’s high time that you give some credit to someone who actually deserves it–your elder siblings! ‘Coz they work hard on your behalf to complete your project with absolute perfection!

P.S. Now that you’re thanking them for the projects, you may as well thank them for all the official signatures they made as your ‘guardian’.

Blame Game Can Go Either Way

The famous blame-game is every siblings’ favourite sport ever! It’s always fun to guess that who will take the next blame in front of your parents if something goes wrong in the house. It’s indeed a guilty pleasure to watch your partner-in-crime step up and save you from the bashing. 

Hand-Me-Downs FTW!

Admit it, every time you saw Ron Weasley in Harry Potter whining over the old uniforms he received from his elder brothers, you were reminded of yourself. Most of your casual clothes once belonged to your older sibling. But TBH, it isn’t always that bad. After all, that stunning LBD that you took from your sis is still LIT AF girrrl!

BTW, hand-me-downs are not just limited to clothes but their rooms as well. Yep, once they leave for higher education, that big room in the house is all yours!

Always A Guiding Figure

There are way too many things that you cannot discuss with your parents because you either feel shy or think that they won’t understand. But, that’s not the case when you have an elder sibling in your life. From discussing your first crush to your first heartbreak, your big bro and sis are always there to guide you. You can always confide in them and trust their advice.

Oh Can Someone Stop The Comparisons?

You hate it and your elder sibling hates it too. But somehow, your relatives love doing it. Yep, we’re talking about all those frustrating comparisons that they make between you and your elder brother or sister.

Dear relatives, it does not matter who’s more ‘intelligent’ or ‘good looking’ ‘cus my bhaiya, di and I are all awesome. It’s in our genes! 🙂

Baby of The House

Getting pampered by your parents and elder siblings is fun, but not so much when it turns into over-protectiveness. As the official ‘baby of the house’, most of the time, you are simply too young to do or say anything.

You want to live on your own? Sorry, you’re too young. You want to stay over at a friend’s place? Still too young. You want to go for a trip with friends? LOL, try that again maybe never!

Gen Gap Is So Real

The concept of ‘generation gap’ feels way too real when your elder sibling is a millennial but you’re a Gen-Z. I mean, you may share the password of the same Netflix account but what’s the deal with Shaktiman and Shaka Laka Boom Boom? Sorry sis, but that’s such a boomer!

While you may sometimes feel that there’s a generation gap between you and your elder sibling, there’ no denying that they’re still your confidante and forever BFFs. And, no matter what, you love them to the moon and back.

So as the youngest sibling aka the favourite child of the family, how many of these did you find relatable?

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23 Feb 2021

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