Decoding Saajish & Dramatic Eye Rolls: 7 Reasons You Should Be In An Indian Daily Soap

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Apr 7, 2021
Decoding Saajish & Dramatic Eye Rolls: 7 Reasons You Should Be In An Indian Daily Soap


If I had a penny for every time I imagined my dupatta getting stuck in my crush’s wristwatch, then I’d be filthy rich by now. You see, as a girl who loves drama with a capital D, I doubt that I can survive a day without watching Indian daily soaps. They are a huge part of my life because even after the episodes are over, I still keep thinking about all the imaginary saajish that I have to overcome in my non-existent love story.

TBH, I’m so obsessed with Hindi serials that I sometimes find my regular life quite boring. I mean, what’s the fun in talking to your family members if there are no kya-kya-kya moments? And, are you even in love if a romantic Bollywood track isn’t playing in the background while you are with your partner? Probably. But wouldn’t it be more interesting if everything in your life was more dramatic than it already is?

Well, if you nodded in agreement, then you should definitely be in an Indian daily soap because this real world is too mundane for you.

7 Reasons You Should Be In An Indian Daily Soap

If drama is your middle name and if you have the talent to convert any situation into a complicated one, then here all the reasons that prove that you need to be in an Indian daily soap.

You Just Cannot Say No!

If you often find yourself struggling with saying no to someone then you’ll definitely make a perfect protagonist in Indian daily soaps. Because ‘no’ hardly exists in their dictionary. But hey, while you are always there to help someone in need, remember that refusing them for your own sake is equally important and doesn’t make you a bad person.

New Strategy? New Saajish? Who Knows?

Do you also spend sleepless nights wondering why your boyfriend sent you an ‘ok’ instead of an ‘okay’? Or what did your boss mean when they used two extra dots at the end of their last message? Chances are, they don’t mean anything. But, if your mind is already convinced that there may be some ulterior meaning or chaal behind their move, then a) God bless you and b) contact a daily soap production house STAT!

Unbeatable Hindi Vocab

Let’s get this straight—your BFF doesn’t ‘ditch’ you by cancelling a trip at the last moment, but she does vishwasghaat with you. Yep, just like Hindi serials, you love making every situation in your life more dramatic than it is. And, you do not mind using some heavy words to do just that.

Imaginary Love Triangles

Whether you have a bae or not, you are already thinking about all the complications that your love story may have. From unrequited love to crazy love triangles, you have prepared yourself for all the things that can go wrong in your love life and feel low-key disappointed when everything (thankfully) works out smoothly.

Eye Rolls Are No Joke

You know that you can ace any Indian daily soap audition because you are the ultimate queen of expressions. You truly don’t mind if someone calls you ‘extra’ because you are busy rolling your eyes at them. BTW, to make it even more dramatic, add these products to your cart STAT!

Suit Up Or Nothing

Dress casually? What’s that? While the world may find daily soaps’ characters silly for their OTT outfit choices and accessories, you simply love them. Going out for grocery shopping? Suit up. Yoga classes? Suit up. Time to doze off? Well no, don’t suit up then but definitely think about it.

Music Is Life

Your playlist has a song for every mood and situation. You do not cry without playing Jag Soona Soona Laage in the background and of course, Ishq Wala Love plays at a low volume every time you’re talking to bae. Music makes everything more theatric and for the hundredth time guys, life is all about drama!

Hoping that all the casting directors of daily soaps are listening!

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