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Congratulations! You Are Officially An Adult If You Love Doing Any Of These 11 Things

Congratulations! You Are Officially An Adult If You Love Doing Any Of These 11 Things

It’s finally happened – you grew up! Yes, amidst graduation, looking for jobs, breakups and hook-ups and everything in between, you became an adult. It’s true! We never really realise when it happens until one day, adulthood just slaps you in the face. But whether you’re ready to accept it or not, it does change your life in so many little ways, some of which come with its own share of perks. Yup, if you really love doing any of these things, then congratulations ladies, you’re officially an adult. Read on, ‘coz you’re going to be relating hard to these.

1. Sitting At Home Is Your Idea Of Perfect Plans

Remember when you were younger and you hated sitting at home alone, with absolutely no plans? How times have changed! You’re definitely an adult now if you cannot wait to get home and do nothing but Netflix. In fact, you secretly love when plans get cancelled, ‘coz that means more time for you to unwind at home. A weekend with no plans seems amazing rather than the nightmare you thought it was when you were younger. 

2. You Never Expected To Love Solo Travelling As Much As You Do

2. adult love

While we still love planning vacays with our friends and families, somewhere during your mid to late twenties, it suddenly becomes harder to make plans with your friends, no matter how close you are. And planning a trip becomes even harder. Blame it on busy schedules, responsibilities, jobs and whatever else, but there comes a time when you realise that you don’t need to wait for others to make memories and have great experiences. Travelling by yourself is one of the biggest learning and exhilarating experiences you can have. If you love solo tripping then you know you’re a full-fledged adult who enjoys their own company and doesn’t need others to feel good about themselves. Yay, you!


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3. Dinners Over Clubbing 

It’s funny how a few years ago you loved painting the town red and hitting the hottest clubs with your crew every weekend, and sometimes even on weeknights. Now if the thought of a night out clubbing fills you with anxiety and dread then congratulations, you are officially an adult. We’re not saying adults don’t like to have fun, but a hot, sweaty, crowded club filled with drunk teenagers and a half hour spent struggling to get a drink at a bar is no longer our idea of fun. We would much prefer spending an evening with our friends over dinner, drinks and fun conversations. Besides, you’re way too tired by 1 am, anyway!

4. Buying Furniture Makes You Really Happy

4. you're an adult if you love these things signs

Which is totally justified ‘coz investing in your home really is worth getting excited for. You know you’re adulting hard when the thought of a new kitchen appliance or couch makes you giddy with glee – no exaggeration! 


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5. Cooking Videos Fascinate You

Even if you don’t love to cook! Watching these videos is completely addictive, you can’t help but save them for a day when you might actually feel like cooking. They’re inspirational AF!

6. You Look Forward To Grocery Shopping

6.you're an adult if you love these things signs

You actually make plans to go grocery shopping with your significant other, friends or roommates and you know what? It’s actually so much fun! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a box of low-fat pasta that promises to be absolutely delicious. Plus stocking up on goodies for your home is always fun and doesn’t feel like a chore.


7. You Have A New Found Love For Plants

And can actually keep them alive… Well, most of the time anyway! 

8. You Spend Much More Time With Your Family

8. you're an adult if you love doing these things signs

Your parents no longer have to force you to attend family events and functions, in fact, you look forward to them. You’ve realised that there’s nothing quite like family and your parents are like besties that you just can’t do without.

9. You Can Eat Salads And Vegetables Without Complaining (Sometimes)

You no longer have the metabolism of a 20-year old and that’s the harsh truth. You actually think about what you put in your body – well sometimes! Which means that the adult you makes a conscious effort to eat salads, vegetables and fruits at times. Okay, we could still inhale a cheese burst pizza on any given day but at least we make an effort to live healthy occasionally. It’s progress!


10. You Control Your Own Finances

10. you're an adult if you love these things signs

However much or little you make, you get to control what you do with it. You can spend on what you want, whenever you want and there’s no better feeling than earning your own moolah and doing what you please with it. You go, girl!

11. You Can Do Whatever The Hell You Want!

No parents signatures needed on any permission slips any more. You no longer need to ask what’s for dinner, ‘coz dinner is whatever you feel like having. It’s a liberating feeling knowing that you can do whatever you please – call your friends over for a beer, stay out till whenever you want or never leave your bed for a whole day, you can live your life on your own damn terms and that’s the best feeling of all.

Hurray for grown-up you!


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28 May 2019

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