10 Y2K Beauty Looks You Can Recreate To Look Uber-Trendy In 2021

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 4, 2021
10 Y2K Beauty Looks You Can Recreate To Look Uber-Trendy In 2021


That air of nostalgia is back thanks to the 2000s revival of all things fashion and beauty. From funky hair accessories to low-rise jeans, we are seeing tons of Y2K trends rule the style charts in 2021. Thin eyebrows aside, the 2000s saw some genius hair and makeup styles that stay relevant even today. If you are a millennial, you could probably use some Y2K beauty inspo to refresh your memory. And if you fall under the Gen Z demographic, then you’re going to want to screenshot these looks. 

10 Y2K Beauty Looks To Get Inspired By

Glass Lips By Beyonce

Queen Bey rose to fame in the ’00s and she brought along with her the glossiest lips yet. Nude lip gloss with shimmer was her signature style paired with soft smokey eyes to enhance her lashes.

Crimped Hair By Britney Spears

Britney kickstarted the millennia with her iconic style and crimped hair was definitely a front runner. Take note on how she wears her locks with cute flower hair accessories.

Dual Toned Eyeshadow By Jennifer Lopez

Remember when applying black eyeshadow to the outer corners of your lids was the new way to elevate your makeup game. This look also involved a metallic eyeshadow like silver or gold on the inner halves of the lids. 

Metallic Makeup By Kareena Kapoor Khan

Leave it to Kareena Kapoor Khan to slay metallic makeup with such panache. Note how she sports a violet hue on her upper lash line and a brown hue on her lower lash line. A true queen.

Bold Smokey Eyes By Christina Aguilera

We can’t do a Y2K revival without a mention of the versatile smokey eye. Smokey eyes in the ’00s were best worn bold and matte black.

Frosty Makeup By Megan Fox

This star rocked white eyeshadow with fruity fuchsia lip gloss and it instantly became the most enviable makeup look of the decade. Don’t forget the super-lengthy lashes.

Red Hair By Lindsay Lohan

From copper to burgundy, red hair colour was trending and it all began when this celeb decided to be a redhead for the late ’00s. Not to forget, these red shades complement Indian skin tones beautifully. 

Maroon Lips By Preity Zinta

We can’t forget the matte lipstick shade of choice was maroon and it looked gorgeous against every skin tone.

Red Eyeshadow By Avril Lavigne

This punk rock popstar dared to rock red eyeshadow with her boldly defined kohl eye makeup and she slayed 100%. She even went as far as to sport the fiery hue on her lips as well.

Bandanas By Hilary Duff

Ever heard of the show Lizzie McGuire? If you haven’t, check out the show for Hilary Duff’s quirky hairstyles that were so stylish. This bandana hair look perfectly captures the essence of the ’00s. 

So, what are you waiting for? Bring back your favourite Y2K beauty aesthetic right away!

Feature Images: Instagram