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9 WTH Moments From Bigg Boss 14 That’ll Make You Ask How Much Cringe Is Too Much?

9 WTH Moments From Bigg Boss 14 That’ll Make You Ask How Much Cringe Is Too Much?

So Bigg Boss is one crazy show and guess, that’s part of the reason why it has been working for 14 seasons now. Seriously, you need to have some solid appetite for cringe and nonsense in case you happen to be a loyal viewer. After all, every single season gives us a new insight into what pure, unadulterated ridiculousness looks like. Well, I am one of those TV viewers who love cringe and of course Bigg Boss as well. That said, there are certainly some of those moments every season that make even seasoned viewers like me lose it and cringe hard. You know what I am talking about! To prove my point, here’s a compilation of nine such cringe moments from Bigg Boss 14 that legit made me go “WTH!”.

When Rakhi Sawant Was Supported For Harassing Abhinav Shukla


Rakhi Swant really did raise some serious hell in the Bigg Boss 14 house all throughout the last week. I mean from writing Abhinav’s name all over her body to literally tearing off his undergarments, name one thing that she didn’t do. In fact, Rakhi actually went to the extent of pulling off his shorts strings and didn’t accept that she had done anything wrong even after she was called out by Rubina. To our utter shock, even Salman Khan didn’t see anything wrong with the act and actually scolded Rubina and Abhinav for making a huge deal out of it. He even asked Abhinav that it was nothing serious, Rakhi is very entertaining, and he is benefiting from it the most. Just wow!  

When Rahul Vaidya Said That He Wanted To Marry Rubina Dilaik


Given that he is always after her life, it really did take us by surprise when in a recent task, Rahul Vaidya went on selecting Rubina as someone he’d want to marry. Well, Rubina was seen gagging in response and who are we to blame her? After all, who wants to marry a man who wants to change you just ‘coz he cannot deal with your strong personality? 

When Sonali Phogat Declared That She Was In Love With Aly Goni


As it turns out, sometimes all it takes is a nomination to fall in love in the Bigg Boss house. This has happened before and it did happen in season 14 as well. However, all this while the contestants have been smart enough to create a build-up before they jump into the farce. Sadly, Sonali Phogat didn’t really have the time and patience to do any of that and suddenly declared that she was in love with Aly. And while she dealt with her “ajeeb si feeling” for the guy, we couldn’t help but cringe at the joke that BB 14 contestants have made out of love.

When Jasmin Bullied The Hell Out Of Rakhi Sawant


While Jasmin Bhasin might have entered the Bigg Boss 14 house with her girl next door, she didn’t quite leave with it. A huge part of the credit needs to be given to how she really went out of her way to bully Rakhi Sawant. During one of the episodes, she also went to the extent of forcefully putting a rubber duck mask on Rakhi and hurting her in the process. Sadly, she did not stop just there and kept mocking Rakhi for crying after getting hurt. No wonder, she has been shown out of the house way sooner than was actually anticipated. 

When Vikas Gupta Entered The House For The Third Time


To begin with, Bigg Boss 14 has actually seen some crazy amount of entries and exits (mostly entries) in the house. From seniors to challengers to wild cards entries, the scene has been pretty messed up. And just when we were beginning to think that’s about it, we saw Vikas Gupta entering the house for the third time, in season 14 alone. The third time’s the charm they say. Well, not in this case and Vikas’s recent eviction is proof enough. 

When Salman Entered The House To Clean Rakhi Sawant’s Bed


There’s enthusiasm, there’s over-enthusiasm, and then there’s bhai who’d do anything to prove that he is the coolest, nicest, most enlightened being on the face of this point. Case in point? The ‘weekend ka vaar’ episode when he entered the BB house just to make Rakhi Sawant’s bed after Nikki refused to do it. I mean he could have called her out (like he does in every episode) but guess, bhai has made it a thing to enter the house every season now and superficially clean some random nook of the house. We hope he is getting paid a little extra for it. Also, don’t know about you but I totally judged him for that randomly folded comforter and almost zero efforts to straighten the bedsheet. I mean, if you are doing it to make a point, do it properly na!

When Jasmin Accused Eijaz Of Physically Intimidating Her & Salman Sided With The Latter


At the beginning of the season, Jasmin Bhasin had accused Eijaz’s Khan of physically intimidating her during a task. Interestingly, Eijaz accepted the claims and said that it was part of his “psychological tactic” to get her out of the game. And while one would expect host Salman to at least ask Eijaz to apologise for his misconduct, he too dismissed the allegation by referring to it as a misunderstanding. In fact, he went to the extent of asking Jasmin to have avoided that intimidation by taking a step back. His suggestion mostly revolved around the idea that if someone is physically intimidating you and being passive-aggressive, then the best way to deal with it is to take a step back, and not make a scene out of it. Errrr, what about accountability?

When Arshi Khan Asked Abhinav Shukla To Impregnate Her


There are things you know you can say on national television and there are things that you know you cannot. Sadly, for Arshi Khan the demarcation line is highly blurred. No other reason why she’d ask Abhinav Shukla to impregnate her during the show, repeatedly. Well, our cringe is their content, I guess. 

When A Game Was Made Out Of The Contestants’ Mental Health


So this happened back when the contestants were gearing up for the first finale of season 14 (that too was pretty “WTH” by the way). This is when makers thought of the cruelest task in the history of Bigg Boss. The contestants were asked to share their darkest, deepest trauma and then the housemates had to decide whose trauma was bigger and declare the winner based on that. Totally made us go “WTH” and also really worried about the mental health of those working under these makers. 

So fam, which one of these BB 14 moments made you cringe the hardest?

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02 Feb 2021

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