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WTH? Designers Refused To Work With Neha Dhupia After She Became A Mom & We Are So Mad

WTH? Designers Refused To Work With Neha Dhupia After She Became A Mom & We Are So Mad

A new mom faces several changes during her pregnancy, and one cannot begin to imagine the hardships she goes through. Actress Neha Dhupia has often opened up about her postpartum depression and the challenges she faced after giving birth to her children—Mehr in 2018 and Guriq in 2021. From breastfeeding in public to accepting her body in every shape and size, her story has encouraged several new mothers. While we laud Neha for being vocal about her experiences, we are shocked to learn that she was body-shamed by influential people in Bollywood after her pregnancy.

During a recent interview with a leading daily, the Devi actress revealed that a bunch of A-list designers refused to work with her after she became a mom for the second time. They straight up told her that they did not have clothes in her size and she should look somewhere else.

Er…WTH? It’s infuriating that renowned designers of the industry are still discriminating against their clients based on their sizes. While talking about it, Neha said that these practices are more common in Bollywood than we know.


Last year, Neha had to attend a friend’s wedding and wanted to wear something OTT. When she approached a few so-called ‘esteemed’ designers of B-town, they told her that they didn’t have anything for her. “Soon after I gave birth, I went to a friend’s wedding and I wanted to wear fancy clothes and I wasn’t fitting into anything and I don’t know why I’m telling you this information, but I had so many A-list designers who I had thought were friends of mine who just turned me down saying, ‘Listen we have nothing for you’ (sic).”

This is so shameful. What’s the point of big fashion brands jumping onto the ‘body-positive’ bandwagon when they cannot put in the work to be truly size-inclusive? Neha added that she was not the first celeb who had faced this and said, “The double standards exist everywhere. But I’m okay man, it’s a part of the game. If that’s how they want to treat people, that’s how they want to do it, it’s fine.”


Honestly, it’s so not okay. It’s 2022 and we hope that these so-called ‘A-list’ designers learn the true meaning of body positivity and size inclusivity.

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11 May 2022

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