Written In The Stars! How ‘Shershaah’ Gave Us Two Of The Most Memorable Touching Characters Of 2021

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Dec 19, 2021


In the past two years, we have only had a handful of good films. The blame, of course, goes to the coronavirus pandemic and how it made most filmmakers vary in releasing their films on OTT platforms. Some, however, were brave enough to embrace the new normal and take the plunge. Shershaah director, Vishnuvardhan was surely one of them. But did the gamble pay off? One hundred per cent, it did. 

Shershaah is a fast-paced war drama that chronicles the role of Captain Vikram Batra in the Kargil war. Captain Batra’s indomitable spirit rules the narrative as the film takes you through the events of the war and how this braveheart left an indelible mark on the narrative. It is a delight to watch in case patriotic war films happen to be your genre. However, for us, the film stands out as a love saga.

Shershaah introduces us to the immortal love story of Captain Batra and Dimple Cheema through romantic montages roped together in songs that most of us are listening to on loop of late. Brief as the portion might be, it leaves you with enough to marvel at and soak in. Rest assured, the film is proof that sometimes when people say ‘forever’, they mean it. Credit needs to be given to both Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani for embracing the roles and giving us two of the most touching characters this year. 

Here’s why we will never get over these two and their epic love story that is Shershaah:  

Sidharth Malhotra As Captain Vikram Batra

His fearlessness is the first quality that you notice about Captain Batra when the film first opens. His easy charm and happy-go-lucky attitude comes next. Vikram is the kind of guy that everyone wants to talk to. In fact, on the first day of the job, he is told by his colleagues that it would be fun when someone like him finally commands the unit. In the next scene, you spot him in his room, reading a letter from his beloved with eyes all lit up and the warmest smile on his face. The smile remains intact throughout and haunts you once the film gets over. Sidharth’s part as an actor is done right there. 

Sid as Captain Batra is the kind of person that meets everyone with open arms and lots of love. His charm ensures that the sentiments are reciprocated and this explains why he gets together with Dimple Cheema (Kiara Advani) in the smoothest of the wooing scenes ever. The story just flows and you know that this is a story written in the stars.  “Palampur ka seedha saadha launda,” he tells Dimple while proposing to her out of nowhere and it is this inherent charm that you as viewers would surely respond to. 

That said, Captain Vikram def has a way with words too which explains why it is so easy for him to win people. “Oye Fikar Naa Kar Jaani, Tiranga Lehra Kar Aaoonga … Nahi Toh Usme Lipat Ke Aaoonga … Lekin Aaoonga Zaroor Haan!,” he tells his friend in one of the most touching moments of the film and the words stay with you long after.

Kiara Advani As Dimple Cheema

Kiara Advani gets limited screen time in the film but she manages to make up for the lack of it by infusing each one of her scenes with life as the resolute Sardarni. If Captain Batra is courageous, she is no less. It shows in the way she approaches him at first. “Main pasand hun tujhe,” she candidly asks Vikram while he is beating around the bush fearing that she might reject him. 

We see more of her brave side in a scene that essentially foreshadows the rest of her life. “Main Vikram se hi vyah karangi,” she declares to her family while warning them that she won’t marry anyone else but the man she loves. Those who have read the real story of Dimple know that she continues to live up to her words in real life as well. 

Kiara gives us another powerful scene while bidding farewell to Vikram for one last time. There is sadness in her eyes as she hugs him and says, “Agli baar lautega na toh bas mere liye aana.” The uncertainty in her words and fear in her voice say it all. You know the eventuality, you know how it is going to unfold for these two. 

That said, we owe it to the makers of the Shershaah for bringing this beautiful love story to us. In case you haven’t watched it yet, the world television premiere of Shershaah is on 19th Dec at 7:30 on Colors Cineplex. If you were to ask us, it is a must-watch, probably the only one this year.

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