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10 Women Share Their Idea Of An Ideal First Date & These Sound Like Scenes From A Rom-Com

Dates are always special – you know, the time before you’re actually in a relationship. It’s all about having fun, getting to know someone new and exploring what you like. That brand new spark just adds to it. First dates are also crucial because that’s when you realize ‘a future’ with the person – it shouldn’t be boring. There’s a lot that you can do, but anything you choose to do should help break the ice. Oh, and on top of everything, it should be romantic.

So, we asked women their idea of the ideal first date and here’s what they had to say.

1. “TBH, if it’s a date, probably a fun activity. Maybe going to painting together or walking along some aesthetic place, wearing comfy comfy clothes. The idea I think should be to get to know each other. So, wouldn’t want to invest into something fancy, or would want to skip the trouble to get ready and stuff. Just meet me as I am.”

– Vasudha Sabharwal

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2. “The first dates are always special and hold a lot of value according to me. It, in fact, sets the foundation for that relationship. Therefore, my first ideal date would be sitting in a secluded/less crowded place and having countless conversations – even if it’s just sitting in a car or at home.”

– Aaliyah Jain

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3. “I like my dates layered with multiple activities. Wall climbing is something that I’ve started enjoying lately. So I like to do multiple things when I go out – this way you can just find out about a person’s interests.”

– Maanya Manocha

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4. “Something casual that doesn’t have a big time commitment. Something like drinks, coffee, ice cream, or just strolling for a while. If you think it’s going well, end with a dinner.”

– Riya Verma

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5. “I like having alcohol, so that I get comfortable with the person. Also, the place shouldn’t be too loud so that I can hear what the person has to say. It’s important to know a person’s perspective on things, before you plan the next one.”

– Snigdha

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6. “You know what? I love going to groceries for date. It’s just very cinematic, and it tends to be a lot of fun. This way you find a lot about the person – their likes and dislikes. And if I want to be with someone, their food choices matter too.”

– Umang Tyagi

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7. “I like watching movies for the first date. It’s nice to figure the person’s taste in general. It’s also a nice way to break the ice at first, when there’s not much to talk.”

– Bhawna Ailawadi

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8. A place that’s open to the public but not too crowded or structured. Maybe a fair or festival, where we can casually stroll around, chat, and perhaps enjoy rides or games. I particularly enjoy roller coasters, so if there’s an amusement park nearby, that would be great.

– Aditi Sharma

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9. “I love the idea of a bookstore date because it’s chill and fun. We can wander through the aisles, chat about our favorite books, and maybe discover some new ones together. It’s a laid-back way to connect.”

– Kavya Sahni

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10. “I’d like to sit over chai at a tapri – that’s the perfect first date for me.”

– Aishani

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First dates are clearly the best.

06 Dec 2023

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