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Women Revealed The Makeup Products They Regret Purchasing & We’re Shook At How Many We Own!

Women Revealed The Makeup Products They Regret Purchasing & We’re Shook At How Many We Own!

A good makeup product can be a big investment. Most high-quality, good formula products come with a hefty price tag – so getting it in the wrong shade or finding out that it’s nothing but good marketing can suck.

There’s no guarantee that really expensive products from a big brand will work for everyone, so here’s a list of bad experiences that you can hopefully learn from and save on that ₹₹₹.

NYX Eyeshadow Palettes

“For me, the NYX eyeshadow palette absolutely SUCKED. the equivalent of rubbing playground chalk on your eyes. I was drawn to it because they had so many bright colours for an affordable price, but omg so hard to work with. Never buying again” (Reddit, starlight_aesthete)

“Nyx eyeshadows absolutely suck. They are like chalk, they hardly blend, they aren’t pigmented, they are just awful.” (Reddit, Rere_arere)


“They’re absolutely terrible. If those are the colours you want, there are far superior options in that price range.” (Reddit, doombanquet)

Rare Beauty Blush

“The rare beauty blush. I’ve read tons of comments on how to apply it but no matter the technique it always seems too pigmented for like 10 minutes then my face just like eats it or something, idk. It’s like I’m not wearing it at all by the time I leave the house.” (Reddit, tortillanips)

“I returned the rare beauty liquid blush. Straight clown city. Do not recommend.” (Reddit, mothertuna)

“I was also disappointed by it despite the hype. Maybe I’m just bad at liquid blush or I’m using the wrong products under it but it looked pretty patchy and I had a hard time making it look natural. I greatly prefer powder blushes which I find easier to control and they work with all base products.” (Reddit, helegg)


The Kosas Foundation

“Disappointed in the Kosas foundation everyone was hyping 40 bucks. Wet Wild and Loreal True match are much better :(” (Reddit, 1cherokeerose)

“The Kosas tinted oil foundation is only good if you have already perfect skin,- the type that doesn’t require makeup. It’s an ideal product if you’re a flawless-skinned teenager who wants to “feel like” she’s wearing makeup.” (Reddit, Fun-Grapefruit-7641)

“It always separated on me regardless of what skincare or sunscreen products I used. It only looked good when there was nothing else on my skin.” (Reddit, LenaNYC)

Rare Beauty Lip Oil

“Rare Beauty lip oil. It was a tint (false marketed to be an oil and no doubt some people like tints, but I purchased it because I wanted a substitute to the Dior lip oil) and it dried out my lips so bad I was bleeding and peeling for days.” (Reddit, jessicachachacha)


“Lip oil is extremely drying.” (Reddit, omfilwy)

“Hate the texture of their products. Drying on the skin and difficult to work with. Not worth the cash imo.” (Reddit, silversprings99)

The Fenty Foundation

“The fenty foundation. It oxidized to such a weird color after a few uses. Some days it would look great. Some days it made me look like I had been rolling in dust.” (Reddit, internationalnomad96)

“Not only did it dry SUPER FAST, it became completely unblendable, leaving cakey-looking streaks and splotches all across my face. It clumped up and smeared like peeling half-dry acrylic paint or built up around my pores (especially on my nose) while sliding off the surrounding skin, giving me serious “plucked, severely sunburned chicken with goosebumps and a psoriasis outbreak” vibes. “ (Reddit, pennylane_9)


“So I just bought some fenty foundation last month and I’m having the same issue. Everything I use doesn’t dry and it ends up on my hands or clothes. I apply primer color corrector under my eye bags and then foundation. Even without the primer it doesn’t stick to my face at all. I’m really frustrated because I spent $150 for the primer foundation and color corrector. As well as some concealer.” (Reddit, International-Ant-79)

Colourpop Palettes

“Most Colourpop palettes. They’re so tempting because I like the colours and the quality is OK for the price, but I never end up reaching for them so it’s really money down the drain.” (Reddit, sparkles-and-spades)

“They’re hit or miss. I’ve gotten some good things from them but it’s mostly shitty. I’ve been sent products that are literally dried up or completely broken. When I reached out for replacements they literally sent me more broken and dried-out products.” (Reddit, Winter-Enthusiasm223)

E.l.f Putty Primer

“Elf putty primer. Turned me into an oily mess. My makeup literally slid off. Absolutely one of the WORST products I’ve ever used.” (Reddit, _gina_marie_)


“No I’m with you. It literally doesn’t cover my pores, and leaves holes where my pores are. So when I put on foundation, you can clearly see my pores. Never had a primer do that before.” (Reddit, shrimp-fried-ass)

“It made me so, so greasy. And I also broke out. I haven’t tried any of the others, just the original, but I’m wary of them too!” (Reddit, aradiofire)

Too Faces Better Than Sex Mascara

“Better Than Sex mascara (the sex must be really bad if anyone thinks this is better than it).” (Reddit, Bitingdoodle)

“I didn’t like it either. I ended up with raccoon eyes despite not putting any on my bottom lashes and it made my eyes water. I threw it out.” (Reddit, Sufficient_Display)


“I used to love it then stopped using it for a while and realized that it was making my lashes break off. I stopped and was like “woah my lashes are short.” Then a month later I was like “shit my lashes are actually long”. And I realized it was the mascara breaking them off. Haven’t used it since.” (Reddit, WhichWitchyWay)

This should be a lesson to make sure you’ve at least seen a few reviews or tried the product in real life before you splurge on it!

Features Image: Unsplash

05 Apr 2024

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