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12 Single Women Reveal What They Want To Wear To Their Wedding & No, It’s Not A 10-Kg Lehenga!

While there are several to-be brides that are in the ‘main shaadi karungi toh designer lehenga pehenke hi karungi’ zone, there are other women who loathe the idea of donning heavy and bright-hued traditional lehengas – and, there’s nothing wrong with either because, after all, it’s their day, right?

We asked some single and unmarried women about their dream attire that they would like to wear in their wedding ceremony and the responses are all things cute (and practical)!

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1. “A pastel-coloured suit, with a blazer and pants.” -Harshita Singh

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2. “I would like to wear either an extremely well-draped saree with beautiful pleats or a white-hued flowy and a really long dress.” -Snigdha Oreya

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3. “I know this is a long shot and our desi aunties would never accept, but still, I would love to pair a loose-fitted blue jeans with a white-colored t-shirt with ‘we’re getting married today’ written on it. It sounds comfortable and adorbs.” -Aarushi Kapoor

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4. “In the world of wearing (or showing off) new and expensive clothes, I would like to wear my naani’s old kanjivaram saree with some of her stunning vintage earrings. It would mean a lot to me and I would feel like I have her blessings.” -Anonymous

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5. “A nice and elegant wedding gown. It’s lightweight and looks stunning.” -Nidhee Gupta

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6. “I want to get hitched during the winter season and wear a leather jacket along with leather pants during my pheras. It’s chic and I would keep using this attire again for the next ten years, unlike lehengas.” -Sakshi Shukla

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7. “I think a bright-hued chikankari kurti and pyajamas.” -Naavya Singh

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8. “I want to wear my mother’s wedding saree/lehenga as it holds a lot more (sentimental) value than some attire worth lakhs.” -Anonymous

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9. “I love traditional clothes but never understood the concept of lehengas. I would like to wear a heavily embroidered, pink and orange-colored suit on my wedding day – it gives ethnic vibes as well as it’s easier to carry.” -Veenus Gupta

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10. “I know it’s an unpopular choice but a sherwani because… why not?” -Anonymous

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11. “To be honest, I’ve never given a thought to this. Perhaps, maybe because I’m a long time away from being mentally, economically, and professionally ready for that sort of arrangement. At the moment, I am not really fond of the idea of spending A LOT of money for a big fat Indian wedding. My thoughts may change with time, but this is what I feel right now. And so, if I go with just a reception, I don’t think I’d want to wear traditional red attire, generally associated with marriages. But again, this may change with time. I don’t how I’d feel then but this is how I feel right now.” -Anonymous

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12. “My mom’s wedding saree. It’s very simple, and I wouldn’t have to spend money on the outfit. Also, I know she’ll be dramatic and low-key happy about it.” -Manya Ailawadi

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It’s high time we ditch those heavy-ass lehengas, which will only be worn once, and choose something cool and comfortable!

14 Oct 2023

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