Ab Ki Bar, Kiski Sarkar? Here’s How Indian Women Reacted To The Verdict

Kavya VashishtKavya Vashisht  |  May 23, 2019
Ab Ki Bar, Kiski Sarkar? Here’s How Indian Women Reacted To The Verdict


The nation waited with bated breath to witness the outcome of the ongoing general election. All the anticipation around the campaigns, speeches, interviews and arguments boiled down to this one day. On May 23, 2019, India witnessed its own ‘Game Of Thrones’ showdown!

Crossing majority marks and leading the polls, the BJP is headed towards a mega victory in this general election. About 8,000 candidates contested in the seven-phase election, in which India elected Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, second time in a row. Winning all seven seats in Delhi (the capital city), it was a comfortable win for the party.

1 bjp victory narendra modi

This is the second term for the BJP government. While the party’s many supporters are elated beyond joy after the victory, numerous people (particularly women) took to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment at the outcome. Narendra Modi was endorsed as the saviour of Indian people, promising all the citizens of ‘achhe din’. Of the five years BJP was in power at the centre, they received mixed opinions from the citizens, with few hailing the party and supporting its measures while others alleging it for not fulfilling any of the gazillion promises it made during the 2014 general elections.

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On many occasions, Narendra Modi has spoken about the women of this country and how the development of the nation is impossible without their development. Contrary to what was promised, many women felt that the BJP and the Prime Minister are only interested in making speeches and not very keen to transform their words into action. Some, in particular, vehemently opposed the Modi government for displaying its inherent ideological bias against women.

After the BJP’s staggering victory, several women took to Twitter and Instagram and voiced their opinion about this major political development.

1. Our favourite stand-up comedian pointing out the scary truth:

1 general elections women react

2. Looking at the future…

2 general elections women react

3. Is this a joke? We’re having a tough time finding it funny

3 general elections women react

4. On the other hand…

4 general elections women react

5 general elections women react

5. The major concern: We don’t have a strong opposition!

6 general elections women react

7 general elections women react

8 general elections women react

6. Back to the (painful) jokes…

9 general elections women react

7. The stark reality

10 general elections women react

12 general elections women react

8. And stay hopeful!

13 general elections women react


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