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6 Insta Famous Hairstyles That Are Ideal For Hot Chocolate Season

6 Insta Famous Hairstyles That Are Ideal For Hot Chocolate Season

Winter’s chill is soon to be upon us, but things are heating up in the trending hair looks department. While our summer mood board was filled with claw clips, scrunchies, and beachy waves, our winter mood board is a whole different vibe. Effortless and undone hairstyles make way for chic, polished looks and updos that look uber-cool with turtlenecks. Now that you have edited your closet and made the appropriate nips and tucks to suit winter. It’s time to do the same with the hairstyles that will lend a helping hand in bringing these looks to life. 

So, in the spirit of prepping for what’s going to be your best hair season yet, we went ahead and found the six chicest hairstyles the A-list clientele will be sporting for the colder months. From sleek ponytails to bubble braids, glamour curls, and tousled half-up dos – Below, find the winter hairstyles that are on the verge of Internet fame. 

6 Winter Hairstyle Trends That Are All Over Our Explore Feeds

Prepare to see these looks all over your Insta feed. 

Hollywood-Inspired Glamm

If beachy waves scream summer, there’s nothing we love more than glamour waves for winter. With year-end celebrations just around the corner, this hairstyle will serve as a major inspiration across the board. The trend of vintage, polished, and old Hollywood waves is accessible due to so many Instagram reels. Create the perfect side part by drawing a line back from the top of the arch of your eyebrow. Then, use a curling iron and hold it horizontally to roll under your curls.

The Super Versatile Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It looks equally great when paired with a sexy evening gown as it does with a cosy turtleneck. All you need to do is slick hair back into a high ponytail. Secure it with a band and create a plait throughout the length. Secure the ends with velvet scrunchies to add a touch of ‘90s to this hairstyle.

Try Bubble Braid To Steal The Spotlight

The bubble ponytails trend has swamped our social media feeds and it isn’t going anywhere – it’s just getting a slight cosy update this winter. This trendsetting ponytail is undoubtedly practical, can be wholly chic, and is, in fact, the perfect party hairstyle for winter. They look really cute in the back with a winter hat. We would suggest investing in clip-in extensions for fun. 

Sleek Ponytail For A Red Carpet-Worthy Look

The sleek high ponytail is back this season. This is a super fun look to do when wearing a turtleneck or earrings. To take the look up a notch, incorporate some clip-in extensions. This hairstyle is a go-to for winter club strolls. The slicked ponytail looks polished and it requires little skill, TBH. You can create this look with a 2-in-1 finishing spray as it goes a long way to keep those flyaways at bay. 

Tucked Bangs To Make A Statement

If you got bangs over the last years like many of us did but now want to grow them out, we have found a hairstyle for you. The tucked bangs trend can be worn in different ways- with a chic headband, or with the help of some strategically placed hair clips. This fashion-forward yet effortless look is perf to ace the look with minimal effort. 

Scarf Wrap For An Edgy Look

Looking for an easy-peasy way to style your tresses this winter? Try adding a scarf to your beauty repertoire. Really, you don’t need anything more than a scarf to make even a basic style look like a million bucks. There are countless ways to wear it, from tying the scarf in your hair like a headband to using it as a hair tie and creating a half-up, half-do look with it.

Bookmark these hairstyles because they are going to be huge this winter!

Featured Image: Instagram

03 Dec 2021

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