Will We Get Umar Riaz Back? 11 Thoughts We Had After Hearing BB 15 Got An Extension

ShivaniShivani  |  Jan 10, 2022
Will We Get Umar Riaz Back? 11 Thoughts We Had After Hearing BB 15 Got An Extension


Bigg Boss 15 started with a bang and we thought it might become the most entertaining season of the franchise. But, oh boy we were hella wrong on this one as season 15 has been quite high on violence but wayyy low on the masala. RN, the makers of the show have gotten a chance to turn things around fosho and we have mixed feelings about it. 

The scoop is—the show has gotten a 2-week extension and we can’t stop thinking about how things will change in the house. In the latest promo, host Salman Khan tells the gharwalas that the show is being extended. The promo opens with the voice of Bigg Boss telling the contestants that the battle to win Ticket to Finale has not ended yet and there is kahaani mei twist

Salman Khan then told the housemates, “There is some good news. This show is being extended by two weeks.” Now you have all the context, let’s get to our take on this!

11 Thoughts We Had After Hearing BB 15 Got An Extension

  1. With the extension, will the makers bring Umar Riaz (’cause he deserves to be in the finale!)?

2. Are we gonna get any last-minute additions in the house?

3. Will Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s relationship survive? ‘Casuse we aren’t sure at all!

4. Are the gharwalas gonna get the same old boring tasks again for the next two weeks?

5. Can we get Nia Sharma to stay the rest of the two weeks? She is so much fun.

6. We aren’t sure if the makers can amp up the drama ATM but we would love to see them try.

7. We can’t go through another day with Abhijit Bichukale making blatant sexist remarks. Bigg Boss makers, please do something about this STAT!

8. Will the extension have any impact on the Bigg Boss prize money?

9. Also, can we get Rajiv Adatia back in the house? He was so entertaining!

10. We are excited for two more rounds of Weekend Ka Vaar. BRB, keeping our popcorn ready for the drama.

11. Who will be the next celebrity guests on the show, we wonder! 

Well, these are a few thoughts we had after getting this update. We can only wait and watch to know if things will actually change in the Bigg Boss house!

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